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Another Mark Nepo..



Fighting the Instrument

Often the instruments of change
are not kind or just
and the hardest openness
of all might be
to embrace the change
while not wasting your heart
fighting the instrument.

The storm is not as important
as the path it opens.
The mistreatment in one life
never as crucial as the clearing
it makes in your heart.

This is very difficult to accept.
The hammer or cruel one
is always short-lived
compared to the jewel
in the center of the stone.

-Mark Nepo

Ice Ice Baby..


It’s winter for Cripes sake! Stop complaining about the snow and ice! Is this not what Winter is supposed to do? If you don’t like it, then why live here? Mother Nature is doing what she is supposed to be doing. I suppose if it were warmer out or if we were having a mild winter, we would ACK! Start talking about Global Warming and the demise of our earth and how it’s all about to come to a screeching end!

I’m not so sure a run outside is in order for today. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve run in all sorts of weather before- wind, rain, blizzard, thunder,lightning, sweltering heat, bitterly cold etc..etc..however, the ice is a different story. There are die hards out there who will go out and run in this crap just to make a point- here this when I say- 1) good for you and 2)hope you don’t bust your ass and 3) if you DO bust your ass..your bad.

I have a treadmill for days just like today. I’m not a big treadmill person, but believe me when I say, it has earned it’s keep over the years. No matter what the weather, with a treadmill you really have no excuse to NOT run.  The issue then becomes at what point during my day will I actually hop on that thing.

I guess I also need to finally pinpoint some races for this year. I have some things figured out and I  know what my racing goals are, but I will not put any of that out there right now.  Perhaps this may even be the first year that I don’t say too much at all about my racing.

Racing can be tough and it can be even tougher if you mix racing, running and friendship together..I’ve learned that the hard way.

I guess at the end of the day all I can do is lace up and run..

Eventually the wolf will outgrow the sheep’s costume.

Are you the wolf? Or are you the sheep? OR are you the wolf in the sheep’s costume?

HarsH ReaLiTy

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