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Chicken Fried Steak ala My favorite Pioneer Woman

Tonight we are having chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and a side of marinated tomatoes, thanks to Ree of course!

First up is the marinated tomotoes

 Step 2
Next I made the mashed potoes (made them early in the afternoon so that all I would have to do later is bake them)

Step one!

Step 2! Just about done!

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I’m the Pioneer Woman in My Heart.

Aug 24

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No really, I am. I aspire to be like her on a lot of levels. Ree is living the life I would love to live with my family (short one kid of course). I mean don’t get me wrong, my life is just fine the way it is, It is where we are supposed to be at this point in our life. However, if money was not an issue, we would be packing up moving out West someplace, preferably on a little ranch somewhere.

We live in Pennsyltucky and although it is a nice little town, I would much rather live out in the country away from..well away from people in general. I’m a country girl at heart, I walk around bare foot more times than not, I don’t mind gettin’ dirty and I love everything about nature. I do have a garden and TONS of flower beds, but recently, well, let’s just say they have been a wee bit neglected. I feel bad for them all honestly, the best way I deal with the mess they have become is to ignore them. I know mean right? I’m sure they feel badly enough and if they knew I am well aware of their neglect, well..let’s not go there.

So, the best attempt I have at trying to be like her is to at least try to learn to cook like her. At least my family gets fed a lot of wonderful different down home meals in the process.  So without much ado, I will start blogging about trying my various recipes by Ree. I have done this for about the last year, but never really chronicled it. So please enjoy!


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