I typically set my running things out the night before I have to run the next morning. Well, it pretty much goes like this, set my coffee mug up (always need to be sure I have the right mug ready to go, because for me the right coffee mug is the difference between a good cup of coffee and a bad cup of coffee) on the Kuerig tray, slip my kcup into its spot and pour in my 3 packets of Splenda, this way in my foggy state of being at 4:15 in the morning all I need to do is push that button and out comes brown magic.

Anyway, I gather my running attire, shoes-check, socks-check, shorts-check,top-check. The clothing gets neatly laid out in the living room so that when I get up and grab my coffee I just need to slip into everything.

4:15 that pesky little alarm goes off, which by the way, I am usually up before that because I know that the damn thing is going to go off at any minute anyhow. What typically always happens without fail is this.. I will fall asleep literally right before the alarm goes off, YES, I just said I was typically awake prior, and well, I am..BUT, like clockwork at the 11th hour I fall asleep. I have this love/hate relationship with my running at 4:15 in the morning. I choose to run at that time because when I work I would much rather get up early, get it done so that when I get home I can focus on my family. However, at 4:15 a.m. I am not thinking that far ahead or that clearly for a matter of fact. Everything is pretty much a blur at that hour, the only thing I know for sure is that I need coffee and I need to sit  for a few minutes.

Running  early in the morning is something I highly recommend, other than having to actually get up and do it- it really is the best part of the day to get out. I choose to not use my Ipod most of the those mornings because there is something to be said about the quiet. I love to be out when everyone else is asleep and the roads for the most part are all mine. I love the way my feet sound when they hit the pavement and the gentle sound that comes from my rhythmic breathing. This is the time that I usually spend thinking about how my day might go, or what I need to get done that day, or where I think about things that I normally don’t have time to process once daylight hits.

Did you know that birds roost in the trees during the night? I often have found myself wondering where they all go once it gets dark- they roost. How do I know this? Well, because, I have been scared plenty of times by birds who I have in turn scared as I have run past their roosting spots. Anyhow, when I run in the morning, I’ll admit that it takes me at least 15 minutes or so to really find my flow, I’m still waking up and my legs are still deciding if they really need to be out running at this God forsaken hour of the morning.

Once my legs and my body figure out that they have no choice, things begin to mesh nicely together. My senses begin to awaken, I no longer feel groggy and my legs no longer feel heavy like cement blocks. My legs quietly turn over and my feet instinctively know where they are going, there is no thought process about which way I’m running or how far I need to go, it all just happens naturally. I’m forced to make so many decisions on a daily basis, that my early morning runs are usually without regard. I know how much time I have out there and I just get it done- whether it’s this way or that way, or this pace or that pace, it just flows..it just happens..as if I’ve been running my whole life.

I find that I’m already back to my front doorstep and the sun is beginning to shed it’s light on the rest of the world. I notice that the cars have begun to  hum  along the roads trying to feverishly get to their owners destination, the birds have awoke from their evening slumbers and the street lights have shut themselves off.

I stand there for a minute sweaty and wide awake and look around..I find myself whispering “Thanks for the run”..and I turn around and  walk into the house.

About runningawaywithme

I'm a mom to 3 gorgeous children and married to a wonderful guy! I work in Critical Care and I classify myself on some levels as an adreneline junky. However, I am terrified of heights! Go figure! Im dedicated to running and physical fitness. There are no excuses good enough to not keep yourself healthy in body and in mind.

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