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334 Days of, If you want Something Done Right, Do it Yourself.

I seem to be back in a funk again of wanting to sleep most of the day away. I went through this back in December, before I kicked myself back into gear. Every month I seem to go through this, and I’m not sure why it keeps happening. I seem to be using the “I work nights” to be an excuse for my constant bed lounging. I get up around 6am, to get 2 of my 3 kids fed, dressed and off to school by 7:30. I get home, get our youngest up and started, kiss him good-bye and climb into bed until noon/1ish. I’m not really sleeping, sleeping, but more like dozing. I feel guilty the whole time and my conversations with myself usually go as follows:

“Why are you in bed? I’m tired. No you’re not. Yes, I am. I feel it, I don’t feel like I slept well last night or the last two days I came off shift. God, your lazy. I should just get up. No, I deserve to rest and,your just lazy”

I never get up and I end up dozing in and out for about 3/4 hours. I get up and then feel like a sloth for lying around. I frantically try to cram everything in that I need to do and A)have to go to work or B) I’m frantic for the next 5 hours, trying to get caught up on everything I probably could have done in the morning, but instead chose to lay around. Then don’t end up going to bed (if I don’t have to work) until midnight. Wash/rinse/repeat. Who lives like that? I just can’t do it anymore. I was NEVER EVER EVER a bed lounger like I am now. I was ALWAYS up by 530 and all my shit done by noon-including my runs. House cleaned, run done, dinner prepped, laundry done..etc..etc.. This job is ruining my life. No really it is. The shift. I dare anyone who works night shift to tell me they love it and have a normal life. I dare you. You are lying. I work 3-12’s a week. Sounds okay on the surface right? I work 7p-7a, freaking zombie hours. Why? Because I assumed it would make my life easier and I would not miss anytime with the kids. Yea. I was wrong. Dead wrong.. I’m not happy, and I’m making everyone around me not happy. There I said it.


Ran 5 miles outside today. Yippee for me.

ez bar curls- 3×15@21lbs

super setted with

Bench Dips- 3×15 (body weight)

Hammer Curls- 3×10@15lbs

Tricep extensions-3×12@ 12lbs

super setted with

Preacher Curls- 3×12@35lbs

Nice quick and easy.

Dealing with some other crap right now. Too angry to put it all down and besides, I don’t have answers yet. Drama, Drama who’s your mama.



Anxious, sad and frustrated.

335 Days and I Will Rest Today.

Today I will take a rest day. No weights and no cardio. It was already decided when I woke up, so it was not a last minute decision.

Nothing really to add or say today. Just bleh. I’m in one of those moods, where people annoy me. What they say annoys me, what they do annoys me and their behavior annoys me. I’m not really fit for human consumption.

I don’t know why I have days like this. Is it because I’m overly tired? Is it because I’m feeling insecure about myself? (probably this) or am I just generally annoyed about everything (and more of this). I surely don’t like when I get this way, it does not make me a nice person (or does it make me normal? abnormal?). Don’t know.

Tomorrow will be a better day. Yes, it will be.

I don’t know. I just wonder sometimes,  about stuff and peopple. Forgive me for my self loathing today. It is not attractive I realize.

336 Days and Damn It’s Icy Out

Slept horribly again today. I don’t know what the heck is going on with that business. No work the next two nights, perhaps I can catch up on some sleep.

Still managed to get my planned workout in though. Only chest today as I did not have time to do it yesterday.

Barbell Press- 4×12 @41lbs
Dumbbell flys- 3×12@ 12lbs
Incline push ups off weight bench- 3×10
Incline bench press with dumbbells- 4×12@ 12lbs

5 miles of treadmill stuff. 3 mile run etc..

I made a yummy protein shake afterwards!

1 cup cup of unsweetened almond milk
1 scoop of protein powder
1 T of unsweetened cocoa powder
Half a banana
Golden flaxseed
Ice cubes
Blend well!!


My dinner while everyone else ate I’m not giving up pizza sillies!
Just decided against it. Remember, I don’t believe in giving anything up. Moderation and portion control are always key!


337 Days of Sometimes You’re the Bug and Sometimes You’re the Windshield..

Sunday, January 27

Rough sleeping yesterday. Was very restless, it’s wonder I got any sleep at all. I did manage to sleep an hour longer than I normally do when I have to get up and go to work. I really hate when I do that. Getting up late, means having to cut a workout short, losing time with the family or running around like a nutbag. Sadly, I do all three on a normal day, but I tend to get MORE nutbaggIER if you will. *ahem* on days like yesterday.

Therefore, my blogging did not happen yesterday, but today. Now. Whatever, you know what I mean. So, I woke up, made myself some coffee, grabbed a Balance bar, got changed and went downstairs. I mean, technically, I could have said screw it, sat down with my jammers still on and chatted with the kids or just vegged for an hour. Technically, I’m an idiot and I don’t always do things the conventional way, or in any way to make my life easier.

So I decided that I would drop my chest workout today and just focus on my legs and trying to get some sort of cardio in. I don’t know if anyone else does this, but when I workout, it’s always an ongoing conversation in my head about what I’m doing, what I’m getting ready to do, and what I need to do next. I need to learn to live in the moment. Anyway.

Leg extensions- 4×15@ 30lbs (I am not worrying about upping weights with my legs, I will add more reps, before I add more weights. I am NOT looking to bulk my legs up, they seem to want to do that very quickly)

Walking Lunges 4×20 with 15lb dbs

Swiss ball hip extensions 3×12

db deadlift (standing on a platform) 3×12@ 15lbs? (dammit I can’t remember)

Sumo Squats 4×15@ 20lbs

I supersetted Leg Extensions with Sumos

and deadlifts with Swiss Balls

I did the walking lunges and in between I did 3×10 of regular push-ups (because I’m so anal and I felt bad about missing my chest today, so I made it somewhat okay, by doing some sort of chest something..whatever)

Hopped on the treadmill. I was not really sure what I wanted to do as my time was counting down on me rather fast. I still needed to shower, iron my scrubs, finish making my dinner to pack, get the kids situated and make a protein shake for my ride in to work. Soooo…

Warmed up for a mile at 10mm

did 4×400’s (1.43min) with 400 slogs in between (at 5mp)

Worked out to 3 miles of a pretty good workout. Dripping in sweat I dragged my OCD ass upstairs to get on with the rest of my day.

I made a protein shake today with Van. Protein Powder, half a banana and some pineapple. Threw in a cup of water, some ice cubes and blended away..oh WAIT!! I added a tablespoon of golden flax to it as well. OMG! This was fantastic! I made one for my son as well, who also raved about it! eldest is on his 3rd session with his athletic trainer and he was so happy that he leg pressed over 400lbs today! That’s my boy! He is loving this personal training thing! Mama needs to keep working..these kids are robbing us.

Here is a pic of my chicken and this broth container.. Just because I love them both!



Breathe: Love+Create+Laugh+Eat=Happiness

Breathe: Love+Create+Laugh+Eat=Happiness.

Read it. Love it. Remember it! From a fellow blogger!

338 Days and It’s a Mad Dash!

January 26

Time is just a ticking away! Baby girl had her first twirling competition of the season! Soo proud of her! So beautiful!!

Work tonight..whatevs..

Let me see if I can remember what I did for weights today, as I left my slip home!

Ez bar curls 3×15@21lbs ( upped weight)
Concentration curls 1×10@12 and 2×10@15lbs
Barbell press 3×15@41lbs
Preacher curls 3×15@35lbs

all upped weights

Close grip bb press 3×10@41lbs
Overhead extensions 3×10@15lbs
Bench dips 10,12,15,12

Treadmill.. Felt lazy cardio wise today
5 miles total of bs.. Running and walking. I’m a loser.



Silly girl!




Twirl face!! ( she hates all the make-up)



Headache day number 2. Sucks. It really takes away half my day. What a waste.


45degree ez bar rows -5 sets as follows: 15,12,10,8,30 @ 21lbs, last 30 @15lbs ( I can up my weight on these)
One arm db rows- 4×12@ 15lbs
Bent over db rows- 4 sets as follows:
10,15,25,30 @ 15,12,10,8lbs

All supersets, the first three with each other than the last two together.
Standing overhead press-4×12@15lbs
Db lat raises-2×10@10lbs and 2×10@8lbs
Alt db front raises- 3×10@10lbs

Upright row- 3×12@15lbs
Bent over lat raises- 4×10@6lbs

Started reading The Hanson Training Method.. Lets see how this goes. Lots to figure out. As far as my proper paces etc.. Today I just played around with trying to figure out what my 400 interval pace should be. Took me 6 tries to figure it out and get there. I’m so bad at internal pacing. why is that so hard for me to do? After 5 years, I still have trouble. I’m too much of a numbers gal.

Turns out I can do my 400’s in 1:43.10 with a 400 recovery slog. Times this by 12 and it will give me a good speed workout. Add in a mile warm up and a cool down. I did about 5 miles today. Not a full 12 intervals, since it was more of a figuring out thing.

Tonight’s dinner:



I don’t care what anyone says, if it ain’t nicely marbled, it’s not for me!! I don’t do lean steaks.

And my new BFF Quinoa. Roasted some veggies and voila’!

I also found that energy bar recipe! Yay! Will put that up later, with a slew of other recipes from my WW days. I looked at when I did that- back in 2001.

Wailea Sea Wall, Maui

Wailea Sea Wall, Maui.

340 Days and.. Yikes! I’m Sore Today!

Yep. You heard it here first folks..I’m sore as a mother trucker.. I changed up some stuff yesterday (err..added something different AND upped a couple weights) and boy am I feeling it this evening. Was not as sore this morning, I guess I should have done my run at that point. I chose taking a nap, since I was dealing with a maddening headache and very little sleep last night.


No weights today. Too sore with my chest and my legs. Was supposed to do shoulders and back..No go. Which is fine, it won’t put me behind. The only cardio I did was on the deadmill for 2.25 miles. Yep. That is it. My OCD wants to take over and do more, but, I know that I’m fine with doing what I did.


Still playing with the eating crap. I just don’t want to get too wrapped up in it, because that is when I lose interest. My goal is to be able to stick to this and if I focus too much on eating and calories, it becomes too much work and time that I just don’t have. I need to focus on drinking more (and not the wine variety as I seem to have that part well covered) and eating with regularity. I skip meals a LOT. I wish I could force myself to cook one day a week for the whole week or at least part of it. Any ideas? I’m open to them. I’m also trying to find some healthy baking options- muffins, bars etc..that I can make ahead and pre-pack so I can grab and go. I had one bar recipe, I need to find that- it had flax and cranberries and lots of yummy good for you stuff in it. I think it was from my Weight Watcher days years ago. It’s around somewhere. I have to share it when I find it.

My goals for the month of February are:

To work on my eating patterns

Drink more

and continue to get my mileage consistent.



IMG_0178_thumb.jpg I cannot wait to eat fresh from the garden~

What the inside of the fridge looks like:


Part of last nights dinner:


Quick, Easy and Healthy Breakfast!

Protein Pancakes:


  • Olive oil cooking spray
  • 4 egg whites
  • 1/3 cup dry oatmeal
  • 1 scoop whey or soy protein powder
  • 1/2 banana sliced (you don’t have to use bananas of course- use something else if you would like)


Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix together. Spray frying pan with cooking spray and cook mixture as you do regular pancakes. Serve with a sprinkle of cinnamon, sweetener, or sugar-free syrup. Variation: Substitute other fruits in the mixture, such as sliced strawberries, or have none at all.


Another one I would like to try!


Abusybrekkyideas_04nother one~


HarsH ReaLiTy

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