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360 days..

360 days to go.. (I did not start exactly on the 1st, more like the 2nd)

I will try to keep up with picture updates as well.

Today I did 4 miles of speed work. It’s been months, but the faster turnover feels awesome!

Also did my chest and shoulders today.
3x 12 reps of barbell presses
3×12 reps of incline flys
3×12 reps of db presses
3×12 reps off military presses
3×12 reps of single arm lat raises
3×12 reps of front raises
3×20 reps of walking lunges
3×20 reps of jumping side lunges

Sooo tired.. I was not sure any of that was happening today.


The two end ones are from Thursday and the middle was from yesterday (1/4)

I know I spent a lot of time complaining, griping, whining, bitching, moaning, crying, being angry etc..etc..so I am going to take a minute to jot down a few things that make me happy and things that I actually do like. I know CRAZY right!!???

Okay, let me think a bit..pray on it, meditate on it, ponder it and massage my mind..Naw, I’m kidding. I’m not that difficult to please. ) Ahem, ok. Here I go.

I Denise Y—- like..long walks on the beach, moonlit skies..HA HA HA..no, okay. Seriously.

I love to garden, I love the way the dirt feels in my hands, under my nails (well, ok, maybe not that part), the way the dirt smells after the sun has been heating it up. Wait, you know the smell I really like? The smell in the summer after it has downpoured on a hot day.  When the steam rises up from the ground and the sun is starting to peak out again after the clouds are making their way out..

Okay, I have to stop a minute and change the subject. My dog has the worst gas known to man. No, I digress..that is not what I wanted to change the subject on. My youngest just walked in to tell me something. He is so damned  handsome and delicously cute. He is 10 and he is growing entirely too fast. I have been working a lot lately, well not really a LOT, but my days have been closer together due to the holidays. I feel like I have seen my family very little, you know between sleeping and working. Anyway, some days I just have to stare at my kids. I drink them in like a tall drink on a very hot day after a long run. I mean, do you ever just stare at your children? Really stare at them and take them in. Look at their facial features and listen to their voices and watch their mannerisms. It really is amazing. They grow so quickly and if you close your eyes too long you will miss things.

Most of you know he is a gymnast. He really looks like a gymnast now as well. It has taken him almost 3 years to get to this point. He has muscles, A LOT of them and his neck has gotten thicker and well..he is a damn brick house. Lots of hard work, with a sprinkling of tears along the way. He has determination like no other, he never quits and he has such a drive and desire (God knows where he got that from) to be the best. Anyway..see how I did that? What was I talking about in the first place? heh..no.. okay.  People, look at your children. Soak them up. Take them in. Stare at them, look at their noses and their eyes and their mouths. Listen to them talk, LISTEN to what they have to say. Watch them walk and listen to them laugh. We take so much of that for granted. They are little pieces of you. Even at 15,16, 1 7..they are still little pieces of you. You did that!

Back to the topic at hand.

I love running..duh. Have you not figured that out by now? I love sitting outside in the summer time. Even when it is sweltering out, I still love sitting outside.  Just listening to the birds, feeling the sun on my skin, taking in the scenery. I can sit for hours that way without saying a word. I love it. LOVE it. I love when our friends invite us to their bonfires in the summer time. I love sitting there and talking and laughing. The way the fire crackles and it’s the only light on a very dark summer’s night. It makes me feel safe and good. Crazy?

I love sitting at the park and watching my oldest play ball. Taking in the atmosphere and the sounds of the ball cracking at the bat. The chanting and the kids playing in the background. I love sitting in bed at night with my husband and watching TV. I love going to the beach. I vow to do that more this year. I love when my husband says, “lets go for a ride”..nowhere in particular but just driving around and talking..I LOVE horses. LOVE them. They way they smell and feel under my touch. The way their nostrils flare and the sweet smell of their breath. They are so pure and so honest. Things I long for most in life. I love to write. I hope to touch people when I write, I hope to write things that people can relate to, understand and reach out and grab and say “YES!, I know that very feeling”

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