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359 Days

January 5th

Slept pretty decent last night and was ready to greet the world at 8:15, and not bitchy either. If you know me, you know that is pretty amazing! So, I was anxious and ready to work out this morning. Today consisted of:

3 miles on the deadmill to start at 9:40
3×12 of barbell curls @20lbs
3×12 hammer curls @10lbs
3×12 preacher curls @20lbs (I think I can go heavier)
3×12 overhead tri dips @10lbs
2×10 inclined alt. db curls (elbow bothering me.. Ongoing issue, not due to weights)
2x12close grip barbell press @25lbs
Last set of 12 to failure. 20 reps
3×8 lying tri extensions @8lbs
2 miles at 18:09 last half mile at 7:03 pace

2xminute wall squat ( try these.. Go now!!)
3×15 donkey squats

Good workout.

20130105-185701.jpg. It’s a start..


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