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355 Days!

January 9th.

Worked last night again (last night in my 2 day cycle! WoOt!)

Went to sleep this morning not knowing what I would be able to do today, with limited time (Gabriel had a wrestling match)and how I would feel (which would depend on how much/well I slept). When I woke up it was iffy, but I slowly started mentally talking to myself to figure out what I thought I might want to do. After about an hour of vegging, I got up, got dressed and popped in my headphones. Seriously folks, if I can do it, you really REALLY can do it.

Today I was going to do chest, shoulders and triceps. However, I decided that I wanted to dedicate today to my shoulders. My shoulders are one of my biggest assets and I felt today, they deserved my undivided attention (lol!) I focused on form and concentrated moves.

4×10 @15lbs – overhead barbell presses

4×15 @6lbs-dumbell lat raises (I need to start light and work my way up, if I start to heavy my shoulders give me the business)

3×15 @15bs-upright barbell rows (these are sweet and I like doing them)

4×10 @6lbs- bent over lat raises (I need to work on my form with these, it’s hard to fall out of form)

Again, all of these moves were very concentrated and much focus was spent on watching my form to be sure I executed them properly.

No run again today, instead I did 30 minutes of Plyometrics off of my P90x video series. Which was half of the time, but all the time I had. Got my heart rate up, but only got it up to about 145bpm max. Which is FAR from my max heart rate. This tells me I’m in good cardio shape, I have a feeling that maybe if I was able to complete the video, I probably would have gotten that rate up a bit higher. Dare I say, that maybe I need a little bit more of a challenge, or I maybe just need to up my intensity (higher jumps etc..).

Run definately tomorrow- BEFORE my workout.

After I am in full swing, I will begin to work on the food portion of this. I’m not a terrible eater and I’m pretty educated for the most part in eating clean and whole. Work is my downfall. I certainly don’t eat a lot there and I’m pretty good about packing snacks, but it’s the time of my eating that always bothers me. So anyone wanting to offer suggestions, I’m certainly open.

356 Days.

January 8th

I worked last night, so I knew the day before that I would do very little when I woke up. I did manage to get some minor leg work done, which included some walking lunges and donkey squats. It’s all I had the time/and or/energy for. No cardio/run.

Walking lunges: 4×20 (body weight)

Donkey Squats: 4×12 (body weight)

2×15 side kicks (I basically take a karate*esque* pose and balance and kick my leg out and bring it back in, a very concentrated move)

2×15 raised side kicks (these are steady with my leg up and out to my side about height of my hip)

Short and sweet and off to work I went!

These are what the side kicks look like. Good exercise and you certainly can feel them if your doing them properly.

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