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354 Days.. Pluggin’ along..

Ran 6 miles this morning. 48 minutes? Can’t remember! I was thinking about 8, but I promised myself I would work back up slowly. I spent this last year going up and down, I would like a steady and slow increase this year. Not sure of what I want my weekly mileage to be just yet, and I’m learning to be ok with that. I have to be, otherwise I carry it around and obsess over my mileage. I may make 8 my long run and work up o 12-15 miles.

I’m still not sure if I ever want to do a full. I figure If I work back up to 15, it would cover the half and down. My mind is all over the place with running right now. I just know I need to be focused on the here and now. Running is my constant and last year I beat myself up too hard over not getting the mileage I wanted in. Anyway…

4×12@ 12lbs- incline chest press- last set to failure
4×12@ 35lbs- bench press-last set to failure
4×10@ 12lbs- db fly(feet elevated)
3×10@ 12lbs- overhead tricep ext
3×10@ 35lbs- close grip bb press

4×20 reps- walking lunges
4×20 reps- side walking deep squats
4×13 side shuffles

Side note- wore my Nike Frees on my run today, I really like them. Who knew? Considering I’m not a Nike fan!



Ways to go to get that tricep I to pop. It’s ok! Slow and steady. Oh, I’m so excited! We just signed Gabriel up with a trainer! He has been asking for months and after last night, he more than proved his dedication! Great trainer and I can’t wait to watch his progress. They have a great connection which is awesome!

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