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353 Days of Thinking What I Really Want To Accomplish.

Good question right? I mean, what is it that I’m looking to accomplish? Do you know? Do I know? I like to think I know.

I want to be healthy and I want to be visibly fit. To myself. I want to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see. I realize that happiness comes from within, and I’m working on that too. This entry is about the shell that is me. My outer covering if you will. I want to not only feel strong, but I want to look it as well.

I also realize that there are views that women should be petite and thin and waif like. That, is not me and will never be me. I went around for most of my teen years being upset because my thighs were not tiny and slender like a lot of my peers. I have always had strong solid legs. No matter how much I did or how little I ate, nothing would change that part of me. I needed to start thinking beyond what my legs were not and begin to think what my legs are.

They are strong and muscular and could do things that other people may struggle with in terms of strength. I did not need to make them thinner, I just needed to shape them and bring out the very muscle that was underneath. Running has allowed that to happen. Running has given my legs the definition I have wanted for years. Are my legs thinner? Maybe a little, are they still big? Yes! Big in a bad way? No! I think of my legs as a well oiled machine. They give me good turnover and they give me strength. Do they still need work? Of course! This is where the rest comes in. The squats and lunges and weights.

What I can also tell you is that I can do all of that and won’t be as successful if my eating does not follow. A lot of people say “but, I’m doing A,B, and C, and I’m not seeing results.” Being fit, and being healthy must have all the components involved. I do not subscribe to any diet, because I do get asked. I just try and eat right 90% of the time. 90, because I’m not perfect and well, I love food. Let food be your friend, your fuel and your cohort to a better you. The minute you start to see food as the enemy or start eliminating food groups, is the minute trouble arises. Yes, I realize there are dietary restrictions for health reasons, this is not what I’m speaking of.

So, I do what I do to feel good and to look good for me. Why have I incorporated weights again, for the gazillionth time?! Because one of these times I have to be able to start and stick to it. I just need to find the balance between running and weights. Right now, trying to settle into weights, without having to choose one or the other. In the past running has always won. This time I want them each to have their own platform, within the time I have to give. I chose to lower my miles for now, because of the reasons I spoke of yesterday and this. It’s a daily internal struggle. I know where I want to go and where I want to be. I have to trust in that and myself.

I want to close out saying something else. Weight training is not going to make women bulk up. It takes a lot of work to do that and even then it’s still hard. Lifting weights makes you a fat burning machine long after you have stopped. It makes you stronger and leaner if done right. What I can tell you is that you will put on weight if you add weights and up your calories. Unless your a power builder or your burning tons of calories, you really don’t need a lot of extra calories. Exercising does not mean you get to eat more. Unless your an ultra runner et al..it may make you feel hungrier, but if your eating the right mix of foods, you will be fine.

Today I did an hour of plyometrics. Tough stuff, no need to overdo. So nothing else was done. No weights.

I also did some ab work. I hate doing ab work. Hate. Oh and, I lost my damn navel ring!! How mad am I??!! Time to find another one, hopefully before my hole closes. I will get it done again. I love it that much. I’ve had it for 10 years now. Well, obviously not now, this minute, because its gone now. Sniff.


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