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Some Protein Shake Recipes..

Here are a few yummy Protein Shake Recipes I have come across.

Tri Berry Protein Shake:

1 Scoop Vanilla Whey Protein Powder

1/3 cup of the following: Strawberries, blueberries and blackberries if you can find them.

1 cup of water and ice

Blend until smooth..Enjoy!



1 Scoop Chocolate Whey (or you can use Vanilla)

2tsp Instant Coffee

1T Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1/2 cup skim and ice

Blend until smooth…Enjoy!


Orange Creamsicle:

1 Scoop Vanilla Whey

1/2 Orange

1tsp Vanilla Extract

1T olive Oil

1 packet of Splenda

1/2 cup Skim and ice

Blend until Smooth..Enjoy!


Pina Colada:

1 Scoop Vanilla Whey(ole’hey! sorry..I had the sudden urge to yell that out..ahem)

1 cup of Pineapple chunks (I always use fresh pineapple, but you can use canned as well I suppose)

1 tsp Vanilla extract

1 cup light coconut milk (I would keep a couple cans in your cabinet, you can use this in recipes as well)

1 T fish oil (don’t knock it..shut it and try it)

Ice- blend until smooth and enjoy!

I will post some more as I come across them. You can use these after a good workout- or use as a replacement for one of your snacks. Just be sure to measure out- otherwise, it becomes very easy to over calculate.

Crockpot Chicken! Easy Peasy!!

Throw some chicken breasts in a crock. Cover with chicken broth, sea  salt(don’t skimp and try and use another salt, sea salt gives a nice dimension) and pepper to taste. Let it cook on low all day. Be sure there is plenty of broth in there so that your chicken does NOT dry out.

With that, have a 4oz sweet potatoe and a side of sauteed onion and kale. Have you tried kale? No? Why NOT? Go out and buy some. NOW! DO IT!!


With that being said, I need to talk about my dinner tonight. Err, last night. This is what I did..listening? Okay good, cause’ it’s easy!

2 chicken breasts (well, however many you want)

I diced up some fresh garlic (or do you mince garlic?)

threw them in a oven safe dish, poured some EVOO in and a pat of IBINB

Salt and pepper to taste

Put the oven on a low broil

I also chopped up a whole yellow pepper, some cauliflower, garlic, evoo, salt, pepper and some fresh chopped thyme (it MUST be FRESH people!!)

I also threw that in another oven safe dish with the chicken.

Broil both these together on a low broil for about 45 minutes? Give or take. Just check on them a couple times, toss your veggies once or twice and turn your chicken as well.

In a rice cooker (again, people..you must invest in one of these!! Do it..go NOW!)

I cooked up some KEENWA..heh. Quinoa..KEENWA…Quinoa. This stuff is the BOMB!! I used this instead of my normal go to of white rice. BIG BAD white rice. I love the stuff!!! It is easy to cook and very versatile. Try it! Quick!

342 Days of I think I’m Getting Some Results..

No time for cardio today. Work tonight.

Hammer curls: 4×15@12 lbs
Ez bar curls: 4×15@15lbs
Db curls with static holds 3×10@12lbs

Db kick backs 4×12@8lbs
Triceps overhead dips 4×12@12lbs
Bench dips 3×10 with body weight


This pic was actually from last week. Arms are a hair thinner and defined this week. Too fatigued to flex properly.

342 Days and the Sun is Shining.

This is not my workout entry, as that will come later. I just got home from work and crawled into bed.

Work was busy last night, but I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to those of you who greeted me with such warmth and love. I was nervous and scared at how my night would go. It went as well as I could have hoped.

Sometimes in life I think you just have to be. What I mean by that is, live your emotions. Don’t hide them. Feel them and embrace them. This is my time to grieve, it’s my family’s time to grieve. I worried for a bit about how much was too much, would people get tired of hearing me ache and try and work through this. Would they start to roll their eyes when I talked about it yet again, or would they ignore my words all together.

What I have found is just the opposite. For that I am grateful. The words and love have helped me get through this tough time. Those that have made me laugh when I just did not have it in me.. (Cletus) and those that simply hugged me. Really hugged me hard. Thank you. Truly. It will never be forgotten.




No weights today.

Ran 5.5 miles

Work next two nights.



Ran 6 miles

45degree ez bar row as follows:
15@ 21lbs, 12@ 21lbs, 10@21bs, 8@21lbs, 24 @15 lbs

One arm db row 4×12 @ 15lbs

Db rows 1×10@ 15lbs, 1×15@ 12lbs, 1×25@ 10lbs, 1×30@ 8lbs

Standing overhead press 4×12 @15lbs

Db lat raises 4×10@ 8lbs

Alt db raises 3×12@ 12lbs

Upright row 3×12@ 15lbs




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