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328 and *yawn* I’m Tired.

I actually slept pretty good today. I wish I could sleep a little longer, but that really leaves me no time to do anything, unless I figure out a way to make the day in between my 2 nights on a rest day. I should look into that.

Shoulders  were on tap for today. I love working out my shoulders.

Most of these I supersetted- for time reasons and to make a little more challenging.

Alternating front dumbell raises- 3×12@12 lbs

Overhead dumbell press-3×15@12lbs

lateral raises-3×10@8lbs (these are a little tough for me to do today, my arms felt fatigued. Proably from yesterdays workout)

Upright Rows-3×12@25lbs

I might be forgetting one? My sheet is not with me right now. I will edit later If I did indeed forget an exercise.

I need some food ideas. Now, don’t get me wrong..I LOVE my chicken, but I’m getting bored of how I’m cooking it. Anyone have some clean recipe ideas? How about sides? I’ve been doing greens (which I will keep doing because I can eat them all night long) and either sweet potatoes OR Quinoa.

Pork? Turkey? What say you? My son also eats a clean dinner as well. I’m so thrilled that he actually looks forward to what’s for dinner and he loves that I cook healthy for him. The same goes for my husband. Maybe eventually I can get him to workout as well.

I have to start making my oatmeal with eggwhites again. Those were tasty. My son would probably like it as well. The husband? Not so sure about that. Too bad ALL my kids could’nt eat  like this. Would make my life much easier.


There are only a few days a month where I feel like my faster paced running is good and solid.  Why is that? Is it because I’m a woman and hormones play into that? I don’t know. I should do some research on that topic.

I have been doing a lot of treadmill running lately, which is nuts considering I’m the crazy lunatic in my town that is always out running in every kind of weather imaginable. For some reason in my mind, it gives me more time if I run inside on the treadmill on days that I have to work. I usually am forced to do shorter runs, due to being tired or just not enough time. It is what it is. I used to have a hard time with that, but anymore, I just say “Meh, it is better than no running at all.”

I was slated to do a 5 mile tempo, but because today is a work day and I worked last night, I met the plan in the middle. I did the Tempo, but cut it down to 3miles. Am I cheating? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it is, but, for me it is more like making it work for me and my schedule.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are supposed to be my speed days, and I will just have to make it work even if it means cutting them shorter than planned. It all really just depends on what my work schedule is on a given week.  Soooo..

3 miles- 8:41 pace ( 26:34) Scheduled Tempo for 5. Cut short due to work.

I felt good cardio wise and leg strength wise. A little tired due to my sleep, but glad I got it done.

Off to put in my weight training training stuff. You know eventually I’m going to end up combining the entries again right? For now, I like it this way so I can see them apart from one another until I can get a handle on the rythym with the running part of this now.

Hansons or Bust.

I don’t know what the heck I am doing anymore with my running. I just know that I need to do something, before I lose my running groove. I have been doing this crazy nonsense dance now for the last year and three months. No goal, no racing, no nothing. My last race was over a year ago. I have just been miserable with no running destination. I keep saying I’m going to do this or this and end up doing nothing.

I figure now that my weight training is in full swing and I’m buzzing right along, I can try to refocus a bit on the running aspect of me. I have been reading Hansons on and off, and so far, what I have read, it seems like something I am willing to try. So yesterday was my start day. After going through the beginner plans (Which I decided I need to start there, because I have never ran a marathon before AND it’s been a year since I have had any real training going on) I have decided that is where I need to be. However, I am not starting at week one, since my base is strong enough to start further down the plan. So I will.

I am not sure that I am committed to the Mary, however, I do know that the training will also support a half (which I would like to better my time) and a 5k- which I also want to better my time. Not really decided if I want to focus solely on a 5k this year to take the pressure off, or do both. Good God, I  can’t make my mind up. Either way, I’m going to try and start and stick to a training program. It probably will get a little challenging down the road, but I hope, I can get my groove back.

Yesterday (Feb 4) was day one. 4 miles @ 9:30 pace.  Easy enough? I guess.  *Sigh* I don’t know If I am biting off more than I can handle. Stay tuned for all my craziness and grandiose dreams.

329!! Day 1 of Hansons..Oiy.

February 4

Did not have a chance to post yesterday. So here it is.

Hammer Curls: 3×15 @15 lbs

Supersetted with

Ez Bar Curls: 3×10@25lbs (upped weight)

Concentration Curls: 3×10@15lbs

Supersetted with

Tricep Dips: 3×15

Lying Tricep Extension: 3×10 @8lbs (need to work on form with these)

Supersetted with

Bench Press: 3×12 @45lbs (upped weight)

Db Incline Press:3×10@15lbs

Supersetted with

Swill Ball Crunches: 3×25

Db flys: 3×10@12lbs

Today was day 1 of the Hanson Plan- I will blog those in another entry, separate from the weight training crap


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