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321 Days and Two Hours is TOO Long!

Damn. That workout took 2 hours longer than I ever wanted it to. I guess that is what happens when you choose the cardio portion of it to be a lazy walk. I have lost my running Mojo. THERE..I said it. I need to find it and get it back. FAST. I hope that I am not the only one who goes through this garbage. It’s annoying and frustrating and a waste of my emotional energy. I think about running CONSTANTLY. I think about why I’m in a funk, I think about if I’m still a *runner*, I think about why am I such a loser because I lost my Mojo, and lastly I think of all the ways I can try to get it back. What I have found out is, forcing the issue makes it worse. Damn job. Damn running funk I’m in..and damn it all the hell. What the freak.

Do I push the issue? Do I not push the issue? Do I let it go for a while? Do I force myself into short runs? I DON”T KNOW is the answer.

Wide Stance Squats- 4×15 @ 40lbs

Single Leg lunge off the weight bench- body weight only

Sumo Squats- 4×10 @ 25lbs

Lying leg raises-3×12 @ 30 lbs

Bench Press-3×12 @ 40lbs

Flys-3×8 @ 15 (upped the weighed, hence the shorter reps)

Chest Press with an exercise band- 3×12 (20lb resistance)

Deep explosive squats holding the exercise ball-3×10 @ 6lbs

Did a treadmill program- 20 minutes of hills

then just did a brisk walk for 2 miles. Meh. Pathetic I tell you.

Volver mi mojo corriendo!!!!!! Te echo de menos!!


Days 323 and 322! Time is NOT of the Essence!

Busy last couple days..better late than never!

February 10th-

Ez bar curls- 3×12 @25lbs


Hammer Curls-3×10@15lbs

Bicep Curls with Static holds-3×12@12 lbs (these can be a little tough to hold your form with)


Tricep Dips-3×15

Incline Dumbell Curls-3×12@12lbs


Lying tricep extension-3×10@8lbs (need to go lighter to keep form)

Close grip tricep extension-2×10@35lbs , last rep was 15lbs (Can go up higher next time)

Ran 2 miles. Not a Hansons planned workout, but a Denise’s planned workout- all I had time for. Work!

February 11th

Woke up and  had to get my boyfriend from the Kennel! (Jake the puppy!!)

Little time left and was EXTREMELY tired.  Only did my back with NO cardio.

Bent Over Rows (Barbell) 4×15@ 25lbs

Single Arm DB Rows-3×15@15lbs


Seated Back Rows with the band- 2×15@10lbs and 2×15@20lbs

I always run out of back exercises to do. I need to look up more that I can do sans a machine. Any ideas? I’m all ears.

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