317 and 318.

Yesterday was a wash. No, I’m not upset about it, it was day two off out of a scheduled 2 days off a week anyhow. Logan competed last night and I worked, so between sleeping and getting up to go, I was not going to force a workout in. Fine enough.

Long night as we did not get back home until midnight last night. Slept good with a little help from my friend Benadryl and did not wake up until 1pm today. Yikes. I mean, It was not interrupted sleep, but when I did, it was solid. No complaints. Shocking right?

I only needed to do my back today.

Bent over Dumbell Row-4×15 @ 15lbs

45 degree Ez Bar Row-4×15 @ 25lbs (upped weight)

Single Arm Dumbell Row-3×12 @ 30lbs (upped weight)

45 Degree Prone Dumbell Row-4×10 @15 (new exercise, lower reps for now)

10 miles on the bike trainer @ 26:46

2.5 mile run on the mill @9:22 pace and then a mile walk/slug whatever.

Fair workout. I just don’t ever feel like I work my back when I am done. Why is that? Am I needing to go higher yet? I’ll see how I feel tomorrow after I upped some of them.

My eating yesterday was horrid again.

Today so far I have eaten 1.5 fat cookies and a few bites of a protein bar. A few slugs of Muscle Milk- GROSS. I even tried the strawberry Cream. It just has such a horrible bitter after taste. I am having steak, quinoa and broccoli raab for dinner though 🙂 . That has all I have eaten today. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Here are some pictures of my little home gym set-up in the basement. If I can do it with what I have then so can you!!
I also have a treadmill and bike.



About runningawaywithme

I'm a mom to 3 gorgeous children and married to a wonderful guy! I work in Critical Care and I classify myself on some levels as an adreneline junky. However, I am terrified of heights! Go figure! Im dedicated to running and physical fitness. There are no excuses good enough to not keep yourself healthy in body and in mind.

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  1. wish I had some advice about whether you should go up or not with weight or back but I rarely get doms (usually only the first couple sessions after a long lay off) so the only way I know if I’ve had a good workout is if I’m tired after doing it. I had a great weight session last night and half expected to have major doms this morning but nothing. SUCKS sometimes

    BTW I think you need to create a menu each week. Post it before hand so that it is there to hold you accountable. Just a thought

  2. BTW Congrats to Logan and his team! Let me know when states are I’d love to come watch

  3. I want to post a menu!! I’m having a hard time coming up with one!! lol. I need to *see* them, to help me..kwim? I guess I could do one of my own, but seeing one helps me figure out my own and I can tweak if I need to.

    I will let you know the date for sure! I believe it is the 3rd weekend in March.

    How did your workout go??!! *sigh* yea, you never get DOMS. In the years I have known you, I think I remember ONE time where you had a slight case and I *think* it was from running and NOT from weights. Lucky. lol I’m past DOMS right now as well, UNLESS, I’m upping my weights. I did not my back today and did not feel tired at all. I did 4 exercises, as I figure that should be plenty for a large muscle group right? I will try heavier next time.

  4. oh I know what you mean about needing to “see” a menu to help create your own.

    My workout went great! I actually upped the weights on a few exercises, enough I kind of expected to be sore. I think I could use DOMS right now. Help make it so I don’t push too much kwim? Sounds like you need to go heavier on your back if you didn’t feel tired

  5. That is great to hear about your workout!! WooHoo!!

    Do you know of any sites in your travels that could help me with menu plans?

  6. I can find LOTS of recipe’s for good nutritional food (lots that even include calories) but no menu plans at least that I can recall

  7. Well, whenever you have a free moment or two. I”d love some reference sites! When your free. Thanks!

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