Days 315 and 314..Not Eating Your Calories Does NOT Help Matters.

Let me post my workouts first for the last two days (not counting todays yet, I’m two days behind due to work)


Leg Extension- 3×15@45lbs (Upped the Weight) I don’t think I will go heavier than this. I’m not looking for the bulk, so I will just add more sets once this becomes too easy)

Plie Squats-3×15 @ 25lbs

Lying Leg Lifts-3×10 @45lbs (upped Weight- same note as above)

Walking Lunges- 3×20 @ 15lbs

Walked 2 miles of hills on treadmill.

Cycled 6.47 miles


Woke up a little late, so only decided to work my shoulders.

Lat Raises- 3×12 @10lbs

Supersetted With

Upright Rows- 3×12@38lbs (Upped Weight)

Military Presses-3×12 @ 12lbs

Supersetted With

Alternating Front Rows- 3×12 @ 12lbs

Cycled 10.17 miles

No real-time for anything else.

So, It appears that I really do need to focus on my calories. I did a couple of days worth of counting and I’m coming in anywhere between 800 and 900 calories short a day. My times in between meals are too long and I’m not eating enough when I am. Subsequently, this is causing the scale to not budge and has even shown a gain. However, I do feel my clothing getting looser. Is this because of the muscle I have been building over the last 2 months? My measurements are not any different except of course my biceps and probably a little in my legs muscle wise. For what I have been burning in aerobic workouts AND weight training, I would surely think my weight would drop.

This is the part of weight training I need to learn more about. I don’t know what my true caloric intake should be. I am NOT looking to bulk, but thin and lean out, with definite muscle definition. People see me and consider me thin, I see me and consider me so so. Then I get on the scale and I’m like what the SAM HELL is going on around here! I won’t bust my ass, to get this all wrong. So, I will begin to learn and relearn some more stuff that I once knew, but have since forgotten.

Are we doing 6 smalls meals a day equalling a set number of calories? Not sure, that may be too much work for someone like me who can barely get in 3 meals. It is also a difficult task because I work 3, 12 hour night shifts a week. So my day on those days start at say 3pm and go all night until 8am, when I throw myself into bed for 6 hours and get up and do it again. Then I’m off for 2/3 days to normalize myself and then go back into a 2 day cycle. I have been better at packing my lunch, and I have been better at packing better foods. I have become quite addicted to greens and Quinoa as well as sweet potatoes and chicken. I just need a variety. I wish I could just hire a nutritionist for a week.

This is a lifestyle for me, not a diet, or a fad. This is how I am choosing to live my life. Fit and healthy. Can I have my treats, of course, because I do NOT believe in eliminating any one food group. It’s about moderation and making good choices. I want to continue to track my calories, but after a while it becomes to laborious to do. Or maybe I’m just lazy.

When I look in the mirror I am happy with what I see for the most part. I definitely see my upper body beginning to really pop. I’m on my way for sure. I just need to do some food tweaking and probably add my miles back in their vs the walking. I know it’s calling me. It wants me to run. I have to run. I just have to.

anyway anyone have any thoughts on muscle weighing more than fat? Muscle holding on to a certain amount of water etc..etc..My clothing is not tighter and some feels looser around some parts of my body. I just don’t want to screw myself and end up bulking.

My arms look thin right?? This is with no flexing at all.


So to be and get real about all this I need to put pictures up along the way so I can see progress and hopefully others will post some  positive critiquing. My stomach at its natural state. No holding in here, it’s always kind of been easy to maintain, other than the bloat that goes with being lactose intolerant. I don’t do a super lot to it, and I suppose I should.  Never have liked ab work. Any way, as painfully embarrassing it is to put some of this out there, I need to, so that I myself can keep on top of things.


Comments, advice and ideas are always welcomed! Next stop..learning the eating portion of it all. Figuring out calories, proteins, carbs and fats.

Yay. Not.



About runningawaywithme

I'm a mom to 3 gorgeous children and married to a wonderful guy! I work in Critical Care and I classify myself on some levels as an adreneline junky. However, I am terrified of heights! Go figure! Im dedicated to running and physical fitness. There are no excuses good enough to not keep yourself healthy in body and in mind.

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  1. I’ll post more later since my pt app is in 5 min. I have a post I’ll find at hone about how the scale lies. Screw the scale and go by fit of clothes and changes you can visably see. Some people (few) can gain muscle really well and shed fat all at the same time. I’ve gained around 8lbs but yet I can still wear my regular pants. They fit s bit different but in a good way

    • That is kind of where I am at. I just hate the scale. Truly. I worry that I’m bulking, BUT, if you look at my pictures, I clearly don’t look like I’m bulking. I have a lot of definition in my arms and shoulders (lol, at least I think I do when I look back at my pictures)..or then again, maybe I don’t.

      I just know I want to do this right. The eating, training and running part. I starting cycling too and I know that will bulk my legs a bit too. See, those long runs..I miss those. *sigh* This is what I do to myself.

    • I have NOT always looked great. I have my Skiing accident from 2001 to blame for the shape I’ve been in the past 10 years and yet again I have it to blame for the shape I’ll be in the next 10 or so years. I had to hit rock bottom first ( I learn the hard way). Thanks though!

      Just remember the number is just a number! As far as calories that are appropriate for yourself. That can be really hard to figure out. It’s more of a trial and error kind of thing (at least I’ve found that for myself) Figure 1300- 1500 WITHOUT doing any exercise for cutting. For myself I’ve figured I need to eat around 2200-2400 a day since I’ve got so much going on.

      • You are an inspiration. Truly.

        So your calories now 2something is what you eat with all that you do? Rowing, etc..

        If you had to guess or approximate what would you say for me? I think with no exercise I could probably eat around 1500 and maintain. BUT, with my exercising I’m not sure how much extra to take in. Meh. I am going to track for awhile. I’ll post what I’m eating for awhile just to figure things out.

        You are weight training again right? How is that going? Do you log your food at all?

      • Thanks!
        yep over 2,000 since I’m rowing, walking the ultra walking dog, physical therapy, core workouts and weights
        If I had to guess I’d say somewhere between 1600 and 1900 for you depending on how much you are running.

        Yep I’m in my third week of weight training and things are really moving along nicely *knock on wood* Muscle memory is a wonderful thing!

        As far as logging my food. No. I probably should but I eat very similar day after day with the only variation being dinner

  2. Ps if you are short on calories and not lifting heavy but doing more reps you’ll be working on definition not size:-)

    • So..When I feel a weight getting easier to do, add more reps to the set instead of going up? At what point can you go up without fearing getting too big?
      I know the whole higher weight shorter rep, lower weight, more reps..right?

      Damn, I’m confused now. lolol I don’t know what to do. Maybe I should just keep doing this, try to get my base back up with running slowly, and really focus on my eating for a bit, and THEN see what happens. I already know that I will never be as light as I was when I ran the higher mileage, especially now that I am doing weights. I’m fine with being heavier, so long as I LOOK great, NOT bulky.

      As always, you have been a big help to me. Your advice is great.

      • If you can do an 3 sets of 15-20 comfortably GO UP in weight! You also know that women in general WON”T bulk up unless they are not only lifting heavy but consuming the calories. Trust in your knowledge! Just know if you want to get more running in you will need more calories than what you are getting in now. And by all means if I haven’t said it already, PUT THE SCALE AWAY lol at least for a few weeks!

        You are very welcome 🙂

      • Yes. Your right. I DO know that we don’t bulk that quickly. Deep down I know I’m not getting bulky. I’m just so used to the thinner runnerly body I have had for so long..kwim? Know I’m seeing this muscle and I love it don’t get me wrong, but I also see that the number has jumped. BUT, in all fairness to me, I have not weighed myself in over a YEAR. A YEAR!! lol

        I got on the scale this morning at work, fully clothed (cept’ for shoes) AFTER working 12 hours, which included eating my dinner etc..etc..That probably takes into account stuff too..right? lol

        I’m such a freak. I swear. I do need to look up what my true calorie requirements are, for the activity I am doing.

        You really have been a huge help to me. Hope PT went well?!!

  3. I really wish I had a clear answer for you.

    One thing is certain, running will help you trim up, the key is to run SLOW, and stay in that aerobic zone (let’s say Zone 3 and under for most people – Still able to talk to your buddy, concentrate on the movement of your muscles and zone out, take it easy, appreciate what’s going on with your body). If you go above that (Zone 3 and over, let’s call this “Breathless” and race pace) you’re tapping into a whole other source of fuel other than fat (you would be going into your glycogen stores, you don’t want that, it’s the cherry on the cake and you don’t have a cake yet.) Keep doing hills once/twice per week, and concentrate on those slow runs.

    How long are you taking between your sets? Keep it moving fast (we’re talking seconds here) it’s a killer workout, good cardio and burns more calories. Try something like this (taken from your blog, it’s just an example. Your legs would be trashed after this and it’s something I would be more inclined to do with upper body).

    Leg Extension- 1×15@45lbs
    Plie Squats-1×15 @ 25lbs
    Lying Leg Lifts-1×10 @45lbs
    Leg Extension- 1×15@45lbs
    Plie Squats-1×15 @ 25lbs
    Lying Leg Lifts-1×10 @45lbs
    Leg Extension- 1×15@45lbs
    Plie Squats-1×15 @ 25lbs
    Lying Leg Lifts-1×10 @45lbs

    There was more, but I’m at work…and I forgot

  4. BAH!!! I posted a long response but wordpress trashed it, this is a better one anyway, so if you see the other post you can delete it 🙂

    Let me see.

    I wish I had a clearer answer for you, but to be honest I’ve never counted calories even in the midst of raving season and training for a half-ironman distance. I focused on eating several meals per day, keeping my carb and fat intake healthy (natural ie: avocados, salmon, etc).

    And yes, muscle weighs more than fat

    Moving on.

    If you want to trim down further you need to start running. Keep your heart rate at a manageable level (let’s call it Zone 3, which is a level at which you can still speak and be relaxed, you should still be able to feel the road under your feet and you are not sprinting.) This will tap into your fat storage, You being a natural born bad-ass will feel like you’re being lazy and not doing any work, when in fact you are training your metabolism to burn FAT, this is what you want, this is what our bodies should be doing naturally. This in endurance sport is called base building.

    if you go into anything above Zone 3 (I’m referring to heart rate zones) which means your breath becomes more intense, your speed goes up, general road feel under your feet diminishes – you are then tapping into your glycogen stores (think sugar storage instead of fats, you DO NOT want this, also, you run the risk of burning MUSCLE for fuel at that point. It’s something that short course athletes worry about, just take it easy!).
    Hills are fine, do those once/twice per week but take it easy, no sprinting uphill, great for form and your butt, ligaments, etc.

    How long are you taking between sets? Taking your example, try something like this, one thing though this favor your cardio and fat burning rather than building muscle (as you will have to probably diminish your resistance and are taking less time between sets) – move quickly between sets.

    Leg Extension- 1×15@45lbs
    Plie Squats-1×15 @ 25lbs
    Lying Leg Lifts-1×10 @45lbs
    Leg Extension- 1×15@45lbs
    Plie Squats-1×15 @ 25lbs
    Lying Leg Lifts-1×10 @45lbs
    Leg Extension- 1×15@45lbs
    Plie Squats-1×15 @ 25lbs
    Lying Leg Lifts-1×10 @45lbs

    Are you keeping track of your BMI? Fat %? It’s a fine balance, you look awesome be careful not to start wasting away, the point is to be functionally strong and ready to kick ass, FAT LOSS IS A RESULT OF WORKING ON BEING THE BEST VERSION OF YOU – IT IS NOT AND SHOULD NOT BE THE END ALL BE ALL. 🙂

    Now go to the basement and throw some heavy stuff around, scare the kids a little

  5. HI! Thanks for your reply! It is truly appreciated! I am a runner for all intent and purposes. That is what I have spent the majority of the last 5 years doing. Usually running anywhere from 35-45 and every once again 50 miles per week. I was not working and had the time to put the miles in. I was obviously much lighter then. Now that I have gone back to work and night shift no less, the running has been virtually cut in half and now it barely happens. Which of course frustrates beyond compare. So I decided to start weight training again. I have one of the bodies that can build on muscle fast, which is good for me, because I like to see the fast results.

    The problem becomes that I tend to get big quick, which results in that scale gain, which honestly, sometimes it was enough to stop the weight training, because I have never had someone say, NO! Don’t stop, do this and differently..OR YOU WILL see that initial gain and that is ok. Make sense? I’m a woman and well, I am vain and I of course care about the scale. My biggest enemy.

    I know part of the problem here IS my eating OR lack of it. I’m not fueling much of anything and as much as I say I’m trying Its probably not hard enough. Something has to change so that I can continue down this road.

    The pictures I took this morning were from when I got home from work- the pictures I take othe times of my biceps or shoulders are usually during my workout. When I look in the mirror as I did today, I don’t see overweight or fat of course, It’s more like, I don’t get what is going on here. Does that makes sense? I’m afraid I’m pissing on now and I’ll hush. 🙂

    Either way, thank you for all your advice. OH AND! When I do workout, I do take those rests in between each set. Maybe they should be longer? I don’t slam them back to back to back. I have a sneaking suspician some of this is about my legs. I have your typical gymnast legs, they get bulky too. Running keeps that in check as well.

    Thanks again!

    • All Out Of Excuses

      Well, if you take longer rests then you’re allowing your heart rate to drop, if your goal is to burn fat then shorten your rests between sets. Wait, what is your goal, are you trying to put on size or trim up now?

      To trim up, start increasing your reps and decrease the rest between sets, also decrease the weight you’re lifting. If you’re going fast enough you should be moaning by the time you’re done. Also, try doing brick workouts once per week (do a session of weights, then go on your long slow run right after, take as little of a break as possible between – forget the shower it’s just you and the ipod, it’s important to keep your body moving.)

      I don’t know what else to tell you, keep lifting, and keep eating! I saw what you had tonight, well done, but have more greens you can eat kale until the cows come home, it flushes your body of the garbage it creates during workouts (I usually have a big bowl of it with some toasted sunflower seeds, lemon, olive oil, toasted sesame oil, brown rice, corn, salmon or chicken.) Fill up your plate with it!

      I think part of the reason why people (me included) drop the routine is because there is no goal at the end of the tunnel, right now you’re lifting because yes you want to be healthy, but also because you want to look hot (you said it not me, mentioned vanity, etc). I would say find a goal you want to reach, like being able to deadlift a certain amount, or run a half-marathon at the end of the season, how about a body building competition?

      Have you considered seeing a nutritionist?

      • I just need to keep pushing forward and continue to absorb an learn as I go. Between you and Pam, it’s been a great source of help!

        I have raced from the 5k up to the half. Been running for about 5 years. It’s what I truly love to do, but if you have noticed, I am struggling right now with time, being tired etc.. To support my running as well as weights. However, I think my true problem is I’m not eating to fuel what I’m doing. I’m also in health care and spent 10 of my 12 hour shifts on my feet.

        It’s a learning process. My goals are to get back to my running, cycle a bit and to continue my weights. Just need to find that balance!!


      • Oh.. Trim up a bit more.


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