308 Days and I went OUTSIDE to RUN!!!

Heh..It’s the little things sometimes. I promised myself that I would get out today and run at least 3 miles. No pressure, no pre-determined route, no pre-determined speed, just run..slog..or whatever my legs/body/mind felt like doing. Let me first start off with saying that, I actually got up at 8:15 today. NOT noon and NOT 1pm. 8:15!! My hubby woke me up like I asked before he left for mtgs, and instead of moaning and asking for more time, I just got up. GOD that felt GOOD. I mean, I was tired, and I thought about staying in bed for a bit longer, but I knew that I needed to do this. I’m not working tonight and I did not work last night, so I really needed to try and get on to a regular schedule. I’m tired now, and the goal is that maybe I can sleep better tonight.

Anyway, I went out and did my run, it felt wonderfully fantastic, comforting and warm. Sort of like putting on a pair of fuzzy slippers when your feet are freezing. I of course, tried to WANT to do more in my pea brain, but I knew that keeping it at 3 was the goal. The plus is that I WANTED to and I COULD have done more. Legs felt good, lungs felt good and no niggles or groans for my muscles or joints. Not bad for not running outside in about 2.5 weeks. I looked at my log and it turns out that I have run a couple times this month. Huh..that is a plus. I just need to figure out a race or two to register for next. I will probably do the St. Lukes Half and a 5k, I’m doing a FUN 5k with some girls from work in May I think it is, but I’d like to do one on my own as well. That’s it for now. Nothing more. I will play it by ear for awhile.

Lateral Raises- 3×12@ 10lbs

Supersetted With

Alternate Front Raises- 3×12@ 12lbs

Upright Rows- 3×12@ 28lbs

Supersetted With

Military Presses- 3×12 @12lbs


Oh and..having issues with my teeth. Next month I go to the Oral Surgeon. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. Yay me!

After putting in my calories for the day thus far, I’m still at a 462 calorie deficit. I believe I was at the same deficit yesterday. I already added in my wine later on as well as my pretzels.  I have not had much of an appetite today, I ate at regular intervals of what? 3.54 hours apart? I drank 8 glasses of fluids (coffee, water, Vitamin Water Zero and Diet Coke Zero- sorry best I can do and be lucky I got that much in).

Breakfast was- oatmeal with almond butter, splenda and half and half (which I did not finish)

Lunch after my run and weights was-Flank Steak, with Kale and a small sweet potatoe

Snack was coffee and a 1/2 a luna bar

Dinner was- pork, rappini and Quinoa

Everything was portioned out properly (I’m getting used to this- the only thing I don’t measure out are my veggies, you can never have enough of those!!)

I’m sitting at 1358 calories which INCLUDES my snack for later on..(around 9ish) Sorry, 426 calories left. What to do? What to do? Throw in a protein shake for good measure?


My oldest texted me at lunch today and asked if he could eat the fries they serve with lunch. What the hell already school system! Fries? Really? Can you at least make them Sweet Potato fries? Of course I told him, he can, but they will not be a good calorie choice. Understand that he is coming off of Wrestling Season where he had to keep his weight (which btw he lost 20lbs healthily!! YES, he needed to lose some weight to begin with and the extra came off naturally between working out and him eating clean) and watch his food intake. Can I say that I cooked for that child for the last 3 months all of his meals! (not that I don’t cook for my kids, but cooked CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN for him) I got up and cooked him breakfasts, helped him with lunch on days he was home, cooked his dinners and packed him snacks for school daily (fruits, almond butter sandwiches, healthy bars etc..etc..) I’m so proud of him, I was not sure he could do it, as he has a sweet tooth and  well..he’s a 15 year old BOY! He became very aware of good and bad foods, how to eat smart and taste tested a variety of new veggies. It was a pleasure to cook for him AND the rest of us got to eat clean as well!

He is happy to NOT have to worry about what the scale says so strictly now, but he still wants to maintain a clean way of eating (with treats here and there, which of COURSE! he can) I just chuckled when he texted me that. He then responded with asking if I can just pack him lunch. *Sigh*..of course I said yes..It’s what we do right?

One of the coaches spotted him at school today and asked him what grade he was in, when he told them 9th, they then proceeded to say “Wow, your big for a 9th grader! Thought about playing football?” NO! NOT Football! Of course he felt the need to reply, that he will think about it. NO YOU WON’T!! Nothing to think about..move along little doggie. Wrestling and Baseball is plenty. Besides, I don’t need to worry about you getting your grill knocked out. Love you! 🙂

About runningawaywithme

I'm a mom to 3 gorgeous children and married to a wonderful guy! I work in Critical Care and I classify myself on some levels as an adreneline junky. However, I am terrified of heights! Go figure! Im dedicated to running and physical fitness. There are no excuses good enough to not keep yourself healthy in body and in mind.

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  1. I hate to tell you this Momma, but your boy isn’t a boy. He is well on his way to being a man. Think of him that way. Teach him to make his OWN lunches! There is nothing better than a kid that understands food and can make it happen for themselves. It sounds like he is started on that path.

    Love ya!

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