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Thursday 3/29

Scheduled for 3 miles.. Ran 3 on the treadmill, while watching The Walking Dead. Love my mini!!!

Back Squats- 3×10@65 lbs
Walking lunges- 4×20@ 25lbs
Leg extensions-4×10@25lbs

Work tonight.

280! I’m Ready To Feel the Sun on My Face..

Bike- 6 miles
Walk- 3 miles

It’s nice having my mini to prop on the treadmill to help pass the time! Watched that new show The Bates Motel..

45degree EZ Bar Row- 3×10@ 45lbs
Bent Over DB Rows- 3×10@ 20lbs
One Arm DB Rows- 3×10@ 25lbs

Tricep Dips- 3×18 BW ( for some reason when I do these, I get to about 12 and my heart flutters, not crazy about that feeling. I do them off the weight bench, I wonder if the up and down is what does it)

Tricep Kickbacks- 1×8 @ 15lbs ; 2×10@15lbs

Preacher Curls- 3×10@45lbs
Hammers- 1×5@20, 3×5@25lbs started to fatigue, lost my form so I stopped.
Dropped the last exercise, just felt distracted and tired.

Tried on my swimsuit, or one of them. Ready for the sun and warmth!

Days 284-281!!

Friday 3/22- 284

No cardio today.
Leg Extensions- 5×5@ 55lbs
Front Squats- 5×5@ 65lbs
Plié Squats- 3×10@ 35lbs
Farmers Walk- 4×40@25lbs
Dead lifts- 3×10@65lbs
Walking Lunges- 3×20@ 20lbs

Went to dinner with my honey! Much deserved. Love getting out with him. It’s been 15 years almost, I wonder if everyone loves their spouse this much after all these years. We have had our share of crap, and probably more than any of our friends will ever know or go through, but here we are. Still together, loving, respecting, and honoring each other. We may not agree all the time and we sure can throw down, but we work it out.

Saturday 3/23- 283

5.0 mile Run

Ez Bar Curls- 3×10@ 38lbs
Hammers- 3×8@ 20lbs
Overhead Tricep Dips 3×10@ 20lbs
Tricep Kickbacks- 3×10@15 lbs

Just did a quick but effective workout for my arms.

Sunday3/24- Day 282
Trainer- 13.07 miles

Threw this in at last minute, as I worked last night and woke up very late!! Again, quick but effective! You don’t have to be working out for hours to get desired results!! Don’t believe the hype!

Monday 3/24 – Day 282
Bike 15 miles

Two days off from weights! Equals coming back stronger and ready to go heavier! Oorah!!

Tuesday 3/25- Day 281

5.26 mile run

Upright Rows- 3×10@35 lbs
Front Raises- 3×8@ -15lbs
DB Lat Raises- 5×5@ 15lbs
Bent Over Lat Raises- 3×8@ 10lbs
Standing Military Presses- 5×5@15lbs

I could go heavier on those last ones, BUT after doing the other stuff,my shoulders were hit hard at that point, I was shocked to see the definition in them, between the pump and the muscle that has been building!! Wow! I did that !

Still playing with calories, but I can tell you eating a little more definitely fuels the runs/bikes/weights. Will be slowly upping my mileage as well. Ready for the warmer weather!

I have some unrelated venting to do, I will do that blog later. Mama bear type stuff.

Teach your kids it’s never okay to be mean spirited.. Most of the time the apple does not fall far from the tree. Obnoxious kids = obnoxious parents.

Days 287-285!

Busy, busy..yep, that’s me!

Day 287

Got up from sleeping (worked ) I was not sure what I was going to get done, but I’m happy to say that I was able to get a run in, especially now that the days are longer! Left around 7 and got a short 4.75 miles in.


5 Mile Run! Woot!

45 Degree EZ Bar Row- 1 warm-up of 5 reps@45lbs

3×10 @ 45lbs


Bent Over Rows- 1 warm-up of 5 reps @20lbs


One Arm DB Rows- 5×5 @ 25lbs

EZ Bar Curls- 5×5@25lbs

Hammers- 5×5@20lbs

Conc Curls-5×5@ 20lbs

Tricep Dips- 3×15 with BW

Overhead Tri Dips- 5×5@20lbs


Ran 6.6 Miles with some nice hills!

Push-ups- 3×15 BW

Bench Press- 5×5@65lbs

Flies-5×5@ 20lbs

Uright Rows- 3×10@35lbs

Front Raises (singles)- 5×5@15lbs

DB Lat Raises (singles)- 3×8@ 15lbs

Bent Over Lat Raises- 3×8@10lbs

My first week on my new schedule is going good so far. Been off since Monday night! Feels good, I feel grounded. I miss feeling that way. Everything else will eventually fall into place.

I have a blog I want to share with y’all called . I hope you find some useful reading material here. She talks alot about eating MORE not less to not only reset your metabolism, but to lose weight as well (if that is your goal). What I like about Amber is that she backs a lot of her stuff up with RESEARCH! I know right?!! Real live research..who would have thunk!

One of my favorite posts of hers:

“I said this once on my page and got SO much crap for it, but it’s important: You will NOT ‘get fat’ eating 2200 calories of mostly healthy food a day. 2200 calories of mostly healthy food a day simply won’t support more than about 140/150 pounds at a moderate activity level. (I’m using 2200 as an example here, not mandating that everyone begin eating 2200 calories a day immediately. Everyone’s calorie needs are unique to their own situation. Some people need more, some people need less, but 2200 is pretty ‘moderate’ so I use it in examples like this.) Some people may gain weight when they up their calories, if their new intake is more than their body needs to support their current weight or if their metabolic function has been depressed by extended periods of undereating, but they won’t gain indefinitely, they will gain until their weight catches up to their intake and then plateau. I swear to god, you will not become obese eating a moderate am…ount of mostly healthy food. You WILL however feel better, have more energy, and begin to emerge the mental maze of diet restriction. The initial weight gain is why I recommend increasing calories gradually if you’ve been restricting for a long time. If you’ve been cycling between periods of restriction and bingeing, adopting a more consistent, moderate eating pattern will probably stabilize your weight more quickly than if you’ve been just undereating. If you feel like you’re eating an appropriate amount of food but you’re gaining weight beyond an initial 5-8 pound bump, you may be underestimating your intake or overestimating your activity level. Spend a few days really paying attention to both, even weighing and measuring your food, to make sure you’re eating and moving as much as you think you are. If your tracking is accurate and you’re still gaining, there could be a metabolic issue such as thyroid dysfunction or insulin resistance, and seeing a doctor might be a good idea to rule out any treatable conditions. I encourage eating foods you enjoy, but protein and fruits and vegetables are still the most filling and highly thermic foods there are, so make sure you’re getting plenty of each. The vast majority of women here will need somewhere between 2000 and 3000 calories a day to maintain a healthy weight. Only those on the extreme ends of the size and activity spectrum will need less or more than that for maintenance.”- Go Kaleo.
So many of us have this idea of what *dieting* really is or should be like. We have been taught for so long about restricting calories, and don’t eat this and don’t eat that. Carbs are bad, fats are bad, sugar is bad..etc..etc..It’s hard to UNDO so many years of having all this drilled into our heads. I urge you to rethink the way you eat and reinvent your relationship with food. Your body will thank you for it.
-Much Love..Me.
Here are some new pics..

20130321-194818.jpg Not a Bicep day, so no pump going on today!

20130321-194829.jpgDefinition fo’sho’

20130321-194840.jpgNot a great picture, it’s always hard taking one of yourself, but my rear is lifting a bit..indeed.

20130321-194849.jpg This was a little later on- just changed my shirt (The Hubs bought me some new ones!)

20130321-194857.jpgI suck at trying to flex…lol In all my moppy headed glory.

289 & 288- ZILCH!

Yep. I have done NOTHING in 2 days. Honestly, I kind of don’t care. Yesterday, I ended up getting stuff around the house done, we went out and ran errands and by the time I got home, it was time to cook dinner, and well..I chose having a nice family dinner over working out. So It was just considered it an extra rest day. Today, I just used as one of  my 2 rest days. I went to bed last night around midnight, and woke up/ or got tired of tossing and turning around 2:30. So..I got up and watched TV until 4. I have been having an issue with my back molar and It’s starting to ache me now truth be told. I go to the dentist on Friday. I will flip out if I lose the tooth.  So, needless to say I ended up sleeping until 1:30, WHICH is fine, because I had to work anyway. I usually try to sleep in late when I have to work that night.

Anywhoo, I won’t get another rest day now until Sunday. Fine enough. I’ll get all my workouts in. Like I said, I refuse to be OCD about it. Oh, what did not make me thrilled is that I only consumed 758 calories yesterday. That is what happens with me, especially on a day I sleep late and go into work.  Sunday I ate OVER my calories by 200 calories or so. Going back through my log, I seem to go 4/5 days or so eating UNDER my calories and about 2/3 days (depending) slightly over my calories. However, even If I average it all out, I still end up way under. I really need to work harder on this. It certainly is not on purpose, I promise.

After I get off shift, I am off until the weekend! Yea!!

States 2013


My dear babycakes won 4th place AA out of 20 boys at the State Championships! This picture was prior to finding out this:


He did it again!! He made the All Star Team! His last year to be eligible for this *Super* team if you will. Next year *hopefully* he gets a chance to qualify for Nationals. It’s been a long LONG few weeks leading up to last night. Very emotionally draining, but we made it through, he has put in the hard work/dedication/time and he deserved this coveted spot! We could not be prouder of him!

292, 291 & Day 290! Whew..

It’s been a busy last few days with work, but I’m off now until Monday and THEN..I’m down to just 24 hours a week! I have been spending a lot of time learning about various different lifting techniques and incorporating some new stuff into my workouts here and there. I may post some of the stuff I write in the form of a question, but for the most part,  I know what it is that I’m doing, how it’s gets done and what I want out of a particular exercise. There are so many various schools of thoughts on fitness, how one should achieve maximum fitness,how one should work out,how heavy one should or should not lift and where cardio fits in. I say read a lot, learn a lot and then do what you feel is best for you. There is no perfect cookie cutter way of getting fit, just so long as you are seeing progress and feeling good!

I personally, don’t like the bulky look and I realize that a lot of women do. That’s fine, but this is my blog, my writing and my opinion. So you may read some stuff that I may post and want to get defensive or defend your beliefs against mine, and that’s fine. Just so long as YOU know that these are MY thoughts. So yes, I think some women get too bulky and end up looking like dudes. There I said it. There is NOTHING wrong with a strong powerful woman! Nothing! I just don’t prefer to be powerful AND LOOK like a dude. I still want the feminitity about me. What I do know is that it does take a LOT to get big and bulky, so one should not be afraid to lift heavier than what your used to. I am slowly upping my weights accordingly to get the desired results I’m looking for. I tend to be a little OCD, so I just need to be careful that this does not consume my life. What I like about only lifting 5 days a week is that it does not give me the opportunity to get so overy involved in it all. It allows me to find the balance between exercise, family, work and the rest of my life. I won’t spend hours at a time working out and I certainly won’t obsess over a missed workout.  I tend to get whatever workout I have planned for a day done in about 20-30 minutes. I get the job done. My running/cardio is probably what takes the most time, but that is fine, because I secretly still try to put the running first. There are people who feel that if your not lifting for at least xx amount of time, you’re doing something wrong, OR you’re not working out hard enough. Bullshit. Seriously. Bullshit.


Day 292

Upright Rows- 3×12@34lbs


DB Front Raises (Singles) 3×10@ 15lbs

DB Lat Raises- 3×8@12lbs


Bent Over Lat Raises- 3×12@8lbs

Ran 3 miles.

Day 291


Day 290

Woke up and Ran 5 miles

Leg Extensions- 5×5@55lbs


Back Squats- 5×5 @60lbs

Modified Pistol Squats (YO! These are hard! It will take me awhile to get to a full pistol)- 5×5 BW (used a chair for the modification)


Front Squats (I don’t like these, it’s hard to go heavy with these, definately need a clean grip hold)- 5×5@60lbs

Donkey Squats- 4×15 BW


Deadlifts- 5×5@60lbs

Farmers- 4×20@ 25lbs (40 in a row, rest, then 40 in a row)

Oh, my youngest has his State Meet tonight. UGH..I am so very VERY nervous. I can’t even take it.  Sierra performed today as well, she is just so beautiful and elegant. I love watching her!

Meet the Pistol Squat..

294 & 293..A Clean and a Snatch? What?

Kidding. I want to add these in and I need to be super sure that I  know the proper form to do these. I won’t tell you all the pictures that come up if I put the term in the search box though. Eww. From what I understand these are good for the biceps as well? Really? Explain, I just don’t see how.  I’m trying to figure out what is more effective split routines or complex or mixing both. I certainly don’t want to muscle out absolutely NOT. I do want to be able to see muscle though. I guess I am still trying to learn. Fine enough.


Biked for 15.13 miles (no run today, the rain was just to horrible- I’m a weeny, yes I know) 47min

Push ups- 4×10 (body weight- I need to up these)

BB Press- 3×12 @58lbs


Flies- 3×10 @15lbs

Incline Chest Press- 4×12 @15lbs


Run 5.0 miles OUTSIDE! Felt good!

ez bar curls- 5×5 @ 31lbs


Preachers- 5×5@45lbs

Hammer Curls- 5×5 @20lbs

Tricep Dips- 20,15,18 (Body Weight)


Skull Crushers- 3×5@12lbs

Tricep Extensions- 3×12 @12lbs

 Working the next 2 nights. Done at 7am and go back in at 7pm.

295 Days and I’ll Take Spring Now.

Boy, this nice weather has been just to die for. However, I am hearing that we will get cold again and *GASP* someone on a page I belong to mentioned a  possible..POSSIBLE snow event next week. I wanted snow all winter long, however, at this juncture I am so over it.

Done work now until Wednesday night, and then next week I start my 2 days a week schedule! Yay!  More time to live life, run and enjoy my family! Anyway, no scheduled workouts today, so I will just veg and relax. Feeling quite tired and groggy, did not sleep well. I know I know, I say it all the it old yet? Well, it’s the TRUTH dammit. I’m tired and I did not sleep well. HA!

I went grocery shopping today,and I was the pain in the butt in the line that broke my cart into 3 checkouts so that I can use my coupons. I’m sure the checkout girl hated me, but is that not what she gets paid for? Seriously. I saved about $50 when it was all said and done. Picked up lots of greens, I’m trying Green Chard, does it taste the same? Probably, or maybe a little less bitter perhaps? Picked up some baby kale and baby spinach. Aww..the wittle babies. I cannot wait for summer so that I can have a lot more variety at a cheaper cost. I’m especially excited for the tomatoes!

Okay, so I want to clarify what I posted yesterday..I do NOT THINK ALL CROSSFIT WOMEN are bulky. I said SOME. SOME. SOME. 🙂

Bulky? Yes!

Bulky? NO!

Bulky? YES!

Bulky? NO!

And because this is SOOO ME and I LOVE IT!!


297 & 296!

Does the weather get any better folks? It has been gorgeous!! Too bad I have had to work this weekend! Makes coming home and wanting to go to sleep really hard.

I think I did better this cycle with pushing myself to stay up after getting the kids off to school vs going back to bed. It was hard, but in the end, I got more accomplished and my night sleeping was much better.

Day 297 (Saturday)
Ran 4.5 miles outside, what a GORGEOUS DAY! (Tank and shorts weather for sure!)

Upright Rows- 3×12 @34lbs (upped weight)
Alternating Front Raises- 3×10 @15lbs
DB Lat Raises (singles)- 3×8@12lbs
Bent Over Lateral Raises- 3×12@6lbs (still working on form)

45Degree Ez Bar Rows- 15,12,10@ 8 reps @?? CRAP! Did not write it down- I’m thinking if I remember correctly it was like 28lbs
Bent Over DB Rows-10, 15, 15 reps @ 15lbs
One Arm DB Rows- 3×10@ 20lbs

Day 296 (Sunday)
Woke up and ran 3.0 miles Slow and easy- groggy!
Plie’ Squats- 3×15@25lbs
Leg Extensions 3×12@35lbs
Deadlifts- 3×10@58lbs
Back Squats- 3×10 @58lbs
Single Leg Squats with Body Weight- 3×10 each leg
Farmer Walk- 4×40 @ 20lbs

I don’t know I may piss some people off by saying this. I don’t know what the purpose of crossfit is. I mean I know what it is, but, what is the end purpose? I see women who do it and to me they just look *big*. Bulky big. Not feminine big. Now, this is just my opinion and MINE only..I like to look fit and toned, but I personally still want to look feminine. I don’t want to look overly muscular or overly big. I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and see how toned I am, see my muscles, BUT, I don’t want them to become too much, if that makes sense. After surfing several sights and looking at picturs of women who do Crossfit, a lot..NOT ALL, I repeat NOT ALL just look big and bulky. Is that the goal? Or is it to just become stronger?

There are so many labels on everything anymore, from how you’re eating, to how you’re exercising, to how you’re dressing etc..etc.. I don’t get all the labels. People are always on a constant quest to put a name or a label on something. To try the newest fad on the block. Is Crossfit the next fad? Also- it seems that if you do Crossfit, then you surely must do Paleo. What gives? Honestly.

I realize I may hit a nerve with people and I’m sure people will down right disagree with me. That is fine. These are my opinions. I laid in bed this morning while trying to fall asleep, wondering about the whole Crossfit thing. I don’t have a name to what I do, or what I eat..I just try to eat the best I can and workout. That’s it.

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