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305 & 304!

March 1st!

Good God I can’t believe it’s March!!

Worked Thursday night. Slept ok.

Ran just under 4 miles outside again! No weights today. Came under calories, but I’m getting better!

March 2nd!
I actually slept well last night!! Woke up around 9. Got my daughter out the door, came home and ran 4 miles and change! Outside!! Squeal!!

Ran some errands, picked up our 272 lbs of fresh beef!! We are blessed and fortunate to know where our beef comes from!! Exactly where in fact!

Just short of 7 miles on cycle
Db rows- 3×12 @ 20lbs
SS w/
Bent over ez bar rows- 3×12 @ 20lbs
Bent over db rows- 3×12@ 20lbs

Ez bar curls- 3×12@ 28lbs
SS w/
Hammers- 3×12 @ 15lbs
Preachers- 4×8@ 35 lbs

Tricep dips 4×15 BW
SS w/
Skull crushers- 3×8@ 10lbs; 1×6@ 10lbs

Felt a little fatigued doing weights today. Calories were not enough to support…

A view from last nights run!


Oopsie! Update! Went over my calories with crap. Damn baked goods from twirl! It’s okay though..really!

I’ve been doing some reading. Apparently I’ve been under eating way more than I thought? I don’t know y’all. I will fill in more tomorrow. Or today at this juncture. Later today!

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