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294 & 293..A Clean and a Snatch? What?

Kidding. I want to add these in and I need to be super sure that I  know the proper form to do these. I won’t tell you all the pictures that come up if I put the term in the search box though. Eww. From what I understand these are good for the biceps as well? Really? Explain, I just don’t see how.  I’m trying to figure out what is more effective split routines or complex or mixing both. I certainly don’t want to muscle out absolutely NOT. I do want to be able to see muscle though. I guess I am still trying to learn. Fine enough.


Biked for 15.13 miles (no run today, the rain was just to horrible- I’m a weeny, yes I know) 47min

Push ups- 4×10 (body weight- I need to up these)

BB Press- 3×12 @58lbs


Flies- 3×10 @15lbs

Incline Chest Press- 4×12 @15lbs


Run 5.0 miles OUTSIDE! Felt good!

ez bar curls- 5×5 @ 31lbs


Preachers- 5×5@45lbs

Hammer Curls- 5×5 @20lbs

Tricep Dips- 20,15,18 (Body Weight)


Skull Crushers- 3×5@12lbs

Tricep Extensions- 3×12 @12lbs

 Working the next 2 nights. Done at 7am and go back in at 7pm.

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