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280! I’m Ready To Feel the Sun on My Face..

Bike- 6 miles
Walk- 3 miles

It’s nice having my mini to prop on the treadmill to help pass the time! Watched that new show The Bates Motel..

45degree EZ Bar Row- 3×10@ 45lbs
Bent Over DB Rows- 3×10@ 20lbs
One Arm DB Rows- 3×10@ 25lbs

Tricep Dips- 3×18 BW ( for some reason when I do these, I get to about 12 and my heart flutters, not crazy about that feeling. I do them off the weight bench, I wonder if the up and down is what does it)

Tricep Kickbacks- 1×8 @ 15lbs ; 2×10@15lbs

Preacher Curls- 3×10@45lbs
Hammers- 1×5@20, 3×5@25lbs started to fatigue, lost my form so I stopped.
Dropped the last exercise, just felt distracted and tired.

Tried on my swimsuit, or one of them. Ready for the sun and warmth!

Days 284-281!!

Friday 3/22- 284

No cardio today.
Leg Extensions- 5×5@ 55lbs
Front Squats- 5×5@ 65lbs
Plié Squats- 3×10@ 35lbs
Farmers Walk- 4×40@25lbs
Dead lifts- 3×10@65lbs
Walking Lunges- 3×20@ 20lbs

Went to dinner with my honey! Much deserved. Love getting out with him. It’s been 15 years almost, I wonder if everyone loves their spouse this much after all these years. We have had our share of crap, and probably more than any of our friends will ever know or go through, but here we are. Still together, loving, respecting, and honoring each other. We may not agree all the time and we sure can throw down, but we work it out.

Saturday 3/23- 283

5.0 mile Run

Ez Bar Curls- 3×10@ 38lbs
Hammers- 3×8@ 20lbs
Overhead Tricep Dips 3×10@ 20lbs
Tricep Kickbacks- 3×10@15 lbs

Just did a quick but effective workout for my arms.

Sunday3/24- Day 282
Trainer- 13.07 miles

Threw this in at last minute, as I worked last night and woke up very late!! Again, quick but effective! You don’t have to be working out for hours to get desired results!! Don’t believe the hype!

Monday 3/24 – Day 282
Bike 15 miles

Two days off from weights! Equals coming back stronger and ready to go heavier! Oorah!!

Tuesday 3/25- Day 281

5.26 mile run

Upright Rows- 3×10@35 lbs
Front Raises- 3×8@ -15lbs
DB Lat Raises- 5×5@ 15lbs
Bent Over Lat Raises- 3×8@ 10lbs
Standing Military Presses- 5×5@15lbs

I could go heavier on those last ones, BUT after doing the other stuff,my shoulders were hit hard at that point, I was shocked to see the definition in them, between the pump and the muscle that has been building!! Wow! I did that !

Still playing with calories, but I can tell you eating a little more definitely fuels the runs/bikes/weights. Will be slowly upping my mileage as well. Ready for the warmer weather!

I have some unrelated venting to do, I will do that blog later. Mama bear type stuff.

Teach your kids it’s never okay to be mean spirited.. Most of the time the apple does not fall far from the tree. Obnoxious kids = obnoxious parents.

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