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247 & 246 Am I Taking Up Space?

I encourage everyone to download the book called “Taking Up Space” by Amber Evangeline. You can find it in the Kindle Store, as it’s an e-book. It will change your view on eating, and how badly the diet industry has screwed with our mentality. I’m having a bad leg image day today. I just look in the mirror and cringe at what I see. Other days I can look and think “YES! I have strong legs and they look like they are coming along” Today, I’m more like “Oh, GOD, is that what they tree stumps look like?!!” Dammit. I hate being this way.

Monday- April 29th (Day 247)

Rest Day

Tuesday- April30th (Day 246)

Re-starting Wendler again- I needed to get the weight of my bar sans weights to get a true gauge of how much I’m really lifting. Turns out my bar alone weighs 15lbs. Huh. Go figure. lol. So here it goes:

Today was an Overhead Press Day:

Warm-ups @ 5x25lbs, 5x30lbs,5x35lbs (which should have been 3 reps, but Denise does not read apparently)

Actual Workout:

5x40lbs, 5x45lbs, 8x50lbs (Which is a max rep set- the last one that is) (These weights are 65, 75, and 85% of 90% of my 1mr)

Assistive Exercises:

Hammers- 3×8@25lbs

Bent Over EZ Bar Rows-3×12@56lbs (I have to weigh this bar as well sans weights, I will do it next time)


Tricep Dips-5×15 with my bodyweight

Tomorrow will be Deadlift Day, then the next workout will be bench press day and then we go to Squats. That will be week 1. I will always add some assistive exercises to all these as well. I think tomorrow with deadlifts I do lunges (I will do walking lunges) and an ab exercise.

I still have 2 hours until I leave for work. I don’t know if I will run yet or not. I’ll let you know next post.


“I will never have skinny legs, I will  never have skinny legs” (chants to herself) I want strong legs, not bulky legs, but nicely defined strong legs. Without the cellulite please and thank you.

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