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So, What Do I eat Then?

I actually eat a lot of different things. I’m not limited to chicken, tilapia, asparagus or sweet potatoes. Although, I would not have a problem with that, because I cook creatively and I can whip up a mean tilapia and asparagus dish ūüôā I also love chicken and sweet potatoes! So many variations! Anyway, I digress. My foods vary, but I am a creature of habit, so I tend to eat the same things in different forms. I’m fine with that. Honestly, I am.

I follow my macros. Which are your Carbs, Proteins and Fats and I also make sure I pay mind to my micronutriens (Fiber being the most important). I am a big proponent of IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) I know surely you have seen it around, since It is gaining much popularity as of late. I don’t do it because It’s popular, I do it because it works for me. What it basically is, is a lifestyle where you don’t have to worry about WHAT your eating, but making sure to HIT your macronutrients on a daily basis. Protein and fats being the most important and filing the rest with your Carbs. Can you eat crap? Sure, but you will find out PRETTY¬† quickly that you will go through your macros VERY fast. So, I tend to eat mostly foods that are more macro smart for me, which means I get to eat more ūüôā However, it does allow me the opportunity to also have that glass of wine (which, I have naturally cut back on, myself. I last had a glass maybe 3 weeks ago, not because I’m trying to, I just have not thought about it), ice cream, or anything really. I’m not so consumed with eating certain foods , and labeling foods GOOD OR BAD. QUIT labeling your foods! That is number one!

I do measure my food out (why? because you really need to get a clue on HOW MUCH you really are eating), because eyeballing is only really for the MORE experienced, it is VERY easy to gradually up your eyeball amount, with not really meaning too. So, yes, I measure. Do I mind it? No, not one bit. Is it weird? NO? Why would it be weird? Do I do it in a restaurant? No, THAT would be weird. I usually over estimate my portion sizes to be safe. Do I limit myself when I eat out? NO, remember, I said this is NOT about limiting yourself to “Good or Bad” foods. I eat what I want. Period. I also log my food. That can take a little time, getting used to it, the logging and tracking, but it becomes second nature. Sure, maybe you don’t want to do that, because then it takes the fun away, BUT, how else are you going to keep track of your macros? Even¬† your calories if you choose to still count them. You have to have an idea of what you are eating in order to see progress in either direction.

There are various sites you can visit to get that information (your macros, how much etc..) One site is called www.iifym.com¬†, go to the tools tab and go to calculate your macros. Plug in all your information and it will spit out your numbers. When you put in your activity level, be honest about it. Don’t put in what you would like to do, but put in what you are ACTUALLY doing right now. Then you can go back and adjust it accordingly as you progress.

As a side note, know that Carbs and Proteins BOTH equal 4 calories PER gram and Fat equals 9 Calories PER gram. No matter what method you choose to use, whether it be counting calories or counting your macros, at the end of the day, calories in VS calories burned is what counts. If you are eating MORE than you burn in a day, you are in a caloric surplus. If you eat LESS than what you take in, you are in a deficit. You need to be in a deficit to LOSE weight and a surplus to GAIN. A lot of people like to figure out their calories and then exercise to GET MORE calories. DON’T DO THAT. Please. When you go to IIFYM (if you choose to, and NO I am not affiliate with that site) the numbers it will give you, take INTO ACCOUNT the amount of activity you do. NO NEED to add calories back after you exercise. Don’t get into the habit of trying to earn your calories. We don’t earn our food. Besides, even with all the new latest and greatest gadgets (“Oh, I have a bodybug, it says I burned a gazillion calories, so I’m going to eat back 1000 calories”..NO. Just NO), there is still ERROR in there. Trust me on this. You probably won’t, but I’m only trying to help you.

Once you have your numbers, find an app that you like to track your food. I would also highly recommend a food scale. You can find one at Walmart, Kohls, wherever you choose to go . They are there and inexpensive. Like I said in a previous post, I use mymacros for my food log, but have also been extremely happy with MyNetDiary as well. There are other apps out there that people swear by, but they are a little more difficult to navigate and put your macros in, and they also are NOTORIOUS for giving people welfare calories to live off of. Beware. I warned you. PS- you will have to customize your calories and not use what they give you. A little patience goes a long way here while you figure out how to do that.

That’s enough of that for today. Nobody wants to be preached to, but I believe it just did! Get it done!

Anyway, I eat a lot of different things like I said, I took a picture last week of some of my staples. But, normally I eat chicken (of course..duh), ground turkey, beef, tilapia (duh), cod, and occasionally pork (only because I’m not gaga over it, but I will eat it). I eat all kinds of veggies but asparagus (duh) is one of my favorite along with spinach. I LOVE spinach. I also love Kale, sweet potato (duh), green beans, swiss chard and zucchini. Luckily I belong to a local CSA, so I get most of that fresh. Now that we are in the middle of summer, I eat a lot of tomatoes,¬† (not a lot of corn, but I do love corn on the cob). I make fresh salsa which I¬† put on EVERYTHING. My eggs, my fish, my chicken, IT’S on there!

I also love me some peanut butter. I have like 5 jars of various kinds. Indeed. No lie. Ask my family. I use coconut oil, coconut butter, olive oil and spray oil for cooking. I eat whole grain waffles for breakfast, I make protein pancakes, egg whites etc..I love making protein yogurts for snacks..I mean the list goes on and on! I eat a lot, and I never ever feel like I’m being deprived. Just get creative and get cooking!


Also, always remember that failure prep and plan is a plan to fail.

Gotta run now! Chat later!

So, I am down to 115 days. Even though I still have a ways to go, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on what this year has been like so far. First and foremost, I want to say that I am grateful and thankful for all the help I have had along the way. Mostly to other bloggers, Facebook Groups, Websites and my friends. This has been a big journey, one that I am very glad I decided to take. I’m not sure everyone *gets* it, or wants to at least try and get it, and that’s ok. Everyone is unique and different in their own way,¬† and certainly nobody has to do what I’m doing. This journey is more than just me starting to weight train, this is about becoming more aware of my body, and being more aware of what I am feeding it and how I am treating it. I do believe that too many people take for granted the body they are in. We all do. I have, that much I know is true. I ran for many years and failed to take care of my body by fueling it properly, by NOT listening to the suttle cues it would give me, or by allowing it the rest it deserved. I subsequently, did some damage to my metabolism along with my ego ūüė¶ . I was asking entirely too much of it, and not giving it the fuel it so desperately desired. So I became what is considered thin fat. I looked thin to other people, but I knew better. I was flabby underneath it all. I ran more thinking it would help keep the number on the scale down and I ate less. Did I lose weight? Yes, of course I did. Running, coupled with little eating and stress¬† equals weight loss. However, I was tired, I hurt and I was beat down. I added a 3rd shift job into the mix and well, I sort of self imploded over the course of a year. My running slowed down and my weight started to creep up. Truth be told I probably put on about 13lbs since I stopped running regularly over the course of a year.

On the surface, I did not look like it too much, but my clothing was getting tighter and I looked a little fluffier. I was miserable from the lack of sleep, lack of seeing my family because I was always sleeping, and I was STILL trying to keep a few miles here and there. Something had to give. I decided that running was going by the way side and I needed to drop down to part time with my job (let me say that I am very fortunate that I am able to do that, and I realize how fortunate I am. I have a VERY supportive husband who has stayed by my side every painful step of my bitchy way). I have always dabbled on and off in weight training, but I wanted to try and start it again and stick to it. The only way to do that was to fix my eating first and foremost. What really set those wheels in motion was a woman by the name of Amber, who runs the site GO Kaleo (she also has a FB group). She finally got me to realize that I needed to EAT MORE (not just me, but a bunch of¬† people, a revolution if you will). At first of course I was skeptical, because I came from a background of eat LESS and do cardio MORE. Not eat MORE and do cardio LESS, the HORROR!!! Let me tell you, I have NEVER looked back to my old lifestyle. I began to do my own research, I walked the walk and I continued to read and learn. I had an initial gain. YES, I did. It had to¬† happen that way, I needed to get my metabolism moving again, I needed it to know I wasn’t starving it anymore. I wasn’t going to torture it with TONS of cardio. I was just going to eat and let my body heal.

I started to lift heav(ier). MUCH heavier. I stared following Wendler’s 5/3/1. My weight finally leveled out and stayed put, even though I was feeding it so much more. Then the real changes¬†started, my physique started to change. My biceps started to take shape, my shoulders, my triceps, my hips started to thin out, YET, my weight stayed the SAME. My clothing size dropped again, YET, I was eating MORE. Amazeballs! Who woulda’ thunk!? I continued to lift heavy ( I am 5 cycles in now) and I continued to read and learn and read yet some more. I realized that doing this, studying about food and eating and cooking and weight training made ME HAPPY. I enjoy it. NO, not like I enjoyed running , but a serious love. Pushing my body, and fueling it, and learning and seeing the changes, it’s all Science. It’s all right there in front of me. No one can argue with results, NO one can argue Science. For so long I have believed in the low calorie band wagon (Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach etc..etc..) that had me consuming such low calories and had me doing lots of cardio. You know what? I do¬† MAYBE 2 days a week of cardio and only 15-20 minutes at that. For real. I’m SO much happier now. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my weak moments of bad self talk, I still have days where I pick myself apart in front of the mirror. Or I question all that I am doing, but, the times that I get compliments, or the times that people ask me to help them or tell me that I, ME, I inspire them,¬† reinforces that what I am doing is right. I AM learning, I AM applying what I’m learning to myself. There is NO magic pill, NO magic shake, just some work and time.

You have to be willing to make a change within yourself. Only you can do it. Nobody else. There are only so many tomorrows. Why not today? This is YOUR body, you were only given one. Listen, I am not preaching, because ultimately, whatever you decide, it will not effect me one bit. Your decisions are YOURS and no one else can make them for you. It just makes me sad when I know that you CAN change. YOU CAN. It’s hard to get started, and you will have days where you don’t want to. I still have them, but the benefits FAR outweigh¬† anything else.

You know what else? I get your busy. I am busy too. I am 40, I have 3 kids (15.5, 13 and 11), I also have a husband who travels and¬† I work 2/12 hour shifts a week (3rd shift like I said). My youngest is a competitive gymnast, he is in the gym 6 days a week (which is 40 minutes away ONE way). My daughter twirls, dances and does ballet. My oldest is a wrestler¬†(and I am training him with Wendler’s right now as well). I still manage to put GOOD food on the table, everyone has clean clothing on, I keep my house relatively clean (lol) and I find time to train MYSELF. So, yea. I know BUSY. YOU have to decide are YOU really THAT busy? Or do you lack the¬† motivation that it takes to get there? If it’s the latter, then sorry I can’t help you. Look inward a bit and try to find that answer. Never settle.¬† Never.



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