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Great tips from a fellow blogger!



1. Use the Maximal Effort Training Method. Heavy singles at +90% intensity for 3 to 7 sets once a week.

2. Strengthen your Quads. Front Squats & Olympic Squats. No leg extensions.

3. Strengthen your Hips. Deadlifts, Romanian Deadlifts, Box Squats, Power Cleans, Glute-Ham Raises, Pullthroughs, Reverse Hypers, …

4. Strengthen your Glutes. Deep Olympic & Front Squats (below parallel, ATG), Kneeling Squats, Deadlifts, Romanian Deadlifts, …

5. Strengthen your Lower Back. Deadlifts, Goodmornings, Weighted Hyperextensions, Reverse Hypers, …

6. Strengthen your Upper Back. Bent-Over Barbell RowsPendlay RowsPull-ups, Deadlifts, Rack Pulls, Power Cleans, Power Snatch, High Pulls, …

7. Strengthen your Abs. Turkish Get-Ups, Front Squats, Zercher Squats, Overhead Squats, Windmills, Waiter Walks, Weighted Roman Chair Situps, …

8. Unilateral Work. Lunges, Step-Ups, Bulgarian Squats, One Leg Deadlifts, …

Increase Speed
9. Go Faster. Squat as fast as you can. Start with…

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305 & 304!

March 1st!

Good God I can’t believe it’s March!!

Worked Thursday night. Slept ok.

Ran just under 4 miles outside again! No weights today. Came under calories, but I’m getting better!

March 2nd!
I actually slept well last night!! Woke up around 9. Got my daughter out the door, came home and ran 4 miles and change! Outside!! Squeal!!

Ran some errands, picked up our 272 lbs of fresh beef!! We are blessed and fortunate to know where our beef comes from!! Exactly where in fact!

Just short of 7 miles on cycle
Db rows- 3×12 @ 20lbs
SS w/
Bent over ez bar rows- 3×12 @ 20lbs
Bent over db rows- 3×12@ 20lbs

Ez bar curls- 3×12@ 28lbs
SS w/
Hammers- 3×12 @ 15lbs
Preachers- 4×8@ 35 lbs

Tricep dips 4×15 BW
SS w/
Skull crushers- 3×8@ 10lbs; 1×6@ 10lbs

Felt a little fatigued doing weights today. Calories were not enough to support…

A view from last nights run!


Oopsie! Update! Went over my calories with crap. Damn baked goods from twirl! It’s okay though..really!

I’ve been doing some reading. Apparently I’ve been under eating way more than I thought? I don’t know y’all. I will fill in more tomorrow. Or today at this juncture. Later today!

From a fellow blogger!

The Happsters

Happiness Tips

Have you ever heard the phrase “you are who your friends are”? My mom used to say that when I was young and it always stuck with me. Once I grew up, I started to realize just how true that statement is. Along those same lines is a quote by Jim Rohn that reads “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

So you want to live a happy & positive life? Being friends with negative people is certainly not going to assist you in that goal. Try to spend the majority of your time with positive people. Happiness is contagious. High-energy people will lift you up, while people who tend to be negative will bring out your cynical side.

Stay Happy!

Not an official Happster yet? Join us here:

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This is a good read Blog. If you are into cycling! I know that I have talked about wanting to cycle more on and off again through time!

Sectionals- My son’s blog!



Recently he started blogging. This is a huge deal for him and for him to be able to blog really gives him an outlet! There are only 2 posts thus far, but, you know..he is on ly 15!

Some more smoothie/shake ideas!

317 and 318.

Yesterday was a wash. No, I’m not upset about it, it was day two off out of a scheduled 2 days off a week anyhow. Logan competed last night and I worked, so between sleeping and getting up to go, I was not going to force a workout in. Fine enough.

Long night as we did not get back home until midnight last night. Slept good with a little help from my friend Benadryl and did not wake up until 1pm today. Yikes. I mean, It was not interrupted sleep, but when I did, it was solid. No complaints. Shocking right?

I only needed to do my back today.

Bent over Dumbell Row-4×15 @ 15lbs

45 degree Ez Bar Row-4×15 @ 25lbs (upped weight)

Single Arm Dumbell Row-3×12 @ 30lbs (upped weight)

45 Degree Prone Dumbell Row-4×10 @15 (new exercise, lower reps for now)

10 miles on the bike trainer @ 26:46

2.5 mile run on the mill @9:22 pace and then a mile walk/slug whatever.

Fair workout. I just don’t ever feel like I work my back when I am done. Why is that? Am I needing to go higher yet? I’ll see how I feel tomorrow after I upped some of them.

My eating yesterday was horrid again.

Today so far I have eaten 1.5 fat cookies and a few bites of a protein bar. A few slugs of Muscle Milk- GROSS. I even tried the strawberry Cream. It just has such a horrible bitter after taste. I am having steak, quinoa and broccoli raab for dinner though 🙂 . That has all I have eaten today. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Here are some pictures of my little home gym set-up in the basement. If I can do it with what I have then so can you!!
I also have a treadmill and bike.



Days 323 and 322! Time is NOT of the Essence!

Busy last couple days..better late than never!

February 10th-

Ez bar curls- 3×12 @25lbs


Hammer Curls-3×10@15lbs

Bicep Curls with Static holds-3×12@12 lbs (these can be a little tough to hold your form with)


Tricep Dips-3×15

Incline Dumbell Curls-3×12@12lbs


Lying tricep extension-3×10@8lbs (need to go lighter to keep form)

Close grip tricep extension-2×10@35lbs , last rep was 15lbs (Can go up higher next time)

Ran 2 miles. Not a Hansons planned workout, but a Denise’s planned workout- all I had time for. Work!

February 11th

Woke up and  had to get my boyfriend from the Kennel! (Jake the puppy!!)

Little time left and was EXTREMELY tired.  Only did my back with NO cardio.

Bent Over Rows (Barbell) 4×15@ 25lbs

Single Arm DB Rows-3×15@15lbs


Seated Back Rows with the band- 2×15@10lbs and 2×15@20lbs

I always run out of back exercises to do. I need to look up more that I can do sans a machine. Any ideas? I’m all ears.

Days 325 and 324 of Feeling In a Funk.

Meh. Did nothing  yesterday, still was dealing with a migraine half of the day. It finally gave way, when I broke down and took a Zomig. I have to figure out why I am getting these headaches closer and closer together.

Today I did shoulders only:

alternating DB front raises- 3×15@12lbs

Supersetted with

standing overhead presses-3×12@25lbs

Lateral Raises-4×12 @ 8lbs

Sueprsetted with-Single arm lat raises-3×12@10lbs

Upright Rows-3×12@25lbs

3×25 crunches- I need to do MANY more of these. I just don’t love ab work. At.All.

3.5 miles on the treadmill. This is not Hanson worthy, this is just lucky I got my butt on the treadmill. Mile warm-up followed by 2 miles of hills and then 1/2 mile cool down. Bleh.

328 and *yawn* I’m Tired.

I actually slept pretty good today. I wish I could sleep a little longer, but that really leaves me no time to do anything, unless I figure out a way to make the day in between my 2 nights on a rest day. I should look into that.

Shoulders  were on tap for today. I love working out my shoulders.

Most of these I supersetted- for time reasons and to make a little more challenging.

Alternating front dumbell raises- 3×12@12 lbs

Overhead dumbell press-3×15@12lbs

lateral raises-3×10@8lbs (these are a little tough for me to do today, my arms felt fatigued. Proably from yesterdays workout)

Upright Rows-3×12@25lbs

I might be forgetting one? My sheet is not with me right now. I will edit later If I did indeed forget an exercise.

I need some food ideas. Now, don’t get me wrong..I LOVE my chicken, but I’m getting bored of how I’m cooking it. Anyone have some clean recipe ideas? How about sides? I’ve been doing greens (which I will keep doing because I can eat them all night long) and either sweet potatoes OR Quinoa.

Pork? Turkey? What say you? My son also eats a clean dinner as well. I’m so thrilled that he actually looks forward to what’s for dinner and he loves that I cook healthy for him. The same goes for my husband. Maybe eventually I can get him to workout as well.

I have to start making my oatmeal with eggwhites again. Those were tasty. My son would probably like it as well. The husband? Not so sure about that. Too bad ALL my kids could’nt eat  like this. Would make my life much easier.

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