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A couple of weeks ago, I was asked if I would taste and review oatmeal from a newly opened online Specialty/Gourmet Oatmeal Company. If anyone knows me, they know that I really, I love OATMEAL! So this seemed like a win/win opportunity for me. How could I not pass up the chance to sample some custom-made oatmeal, and by custom, I mean oatmeal that I can go and pick and choose what I want to put in it, not only that, I can name my own blend. YES! Name my own blend!! Who does that?! Other than Nike, and making your own shoe design, but whatever..we are talking oatmeal here people!

So, at the request of Anthony Collova (who is the founder of the company along with his wife), I agreed to sample and post about his product on my blog.

Navigating his site is very user-friendly, (let me just add that he also has PB Lean which is a powdered dehydrated peanut butter which is 85% fewer calories from fat than your regular peanut butter. There is also a variety of flavors, one of which is Pumpkin Spice! Tis’ the season right?!) from the moment you get to the site, it gives you step by step instructions on how to go about ordering your oatmeal. Let me just say that it took me a little while to figure out what kind I wanted to make as the varieties are endless!  You have the option to place a one time order or the ability to order one time, 2 weeks, monthly, 2 months or 3 months this is my favorite option! Think about the convenience of auto ship! Man, having your favorite oatmeal automatically shipped (one less thing to worry about on your shopping list!). You get to choose the kind of oats you want to use in your blend and for an extra perk they are Non-GMO! Did I mention he has a gluten-free oat as well?

Once you figure out your oat blend, you then go to your flavor profile, which also includes seasonal flavors as well. Then you go on to where you can choose fruits if you are a fruity kind of person, like myself!  After that, you then move down to how you would like to sweeten your oats and then lastly, you get one more option of adding nuts to your blend. This is also where  you will get the chance to name your blend- WOOT!

The price point is comparable to any gourmet type of store you go to. This isn’t Wal-Mart or your local grocer, this is an independently owned and operated small mom and pop company. You get what you pay for. They are very personable and pay great attention to the needs of their customers. Their customer service is quick and responsive, and their aim is to please! I was very happy with the email turn around time and the general warm tone of the communication. What I love most is that, you actually are indeed speaking with the owners of the company each time you contact them!

So, down to the taste! When my packages arrived I was VERY excited to give them a go. I ordered 3 bags, one I named Halloween!, the other I named Denise’s Blend and the last one I ordered was their Mystery Blend (which is basically a blend that they surprise you with).  I can tell you right now that my Halloween Blend is almost gone and I ordered a 2lb bag! The taste is far better than any store-bought oatmeal I have bought from my local grocery store. The flavors I chose to put in my blend were spot on, and the freshness was unbelievable! One of my favorite ways to eat my oats is to overnight them in a jar. (Have you heard?  I will post the recipe at the end of this.) I wanted to also make mention of the Mystery Blend that I sampled, I did not order any of my custom blends with fruit, but this Mystery Blend came with fruit in it and I ABSOLUTELY love it! No really, I do! Not only does it have fruit in it, but nuts as well, this makes a wonderful combination of a nutty/chewy texture, that really is a very delicious combination.  If you have not gone there to order your oatmeal yet, what are you waiting for?! This stuff is definitely worth a try, even if you are skeptical and think “Why would I spend money ordering custom/gourmet oatmeal, when I can go to the local grocer and get it?” The reason why is because you are supporting a small mom and pop business, who’s customer service is far superior to most I have encountered and their product speaks volumes for them!

I am a food snob in all reality and I am very picky about what I eat..VERY. To the point where it gets on my families nerves when we dine out. I want good quality food, and I most certainly want what I am paying for! I would not steer you wrong.  I have a little bonus for you..if you decide that you want to try it, how about I give you a coupon code for say 15% off your order? If you go and order, type in the code : healthy15 (all one word small letters) and try yourself some awesome oatmeal! You will thank me for it!!

Okay, here is the recipe for Overnight Oats:

1/2 or 1/3 cup oats (dry)

some Almond milk you can decide on how much, but I usually use about .25 cup (or whatever milk you choose)

Greek yogurt .5 cup (plain)

You can stop right there if you choose, you throw it all in a jar or container with a lid on it, shake real good and chuck in the fridge overnight. Wake up and chow down! Yes, you eat these cold, NO, you don’t need to heat them up. Trust me on this one, this is the bomb!! However, I don’t just stop right there..I also add:

Peanut butter, A splash of Vanilla extract, some Agave, Ground Cinnamon, and whatever else I am in the mood for. I am always changing it up. You can virtually add lib and do whatever your tastes choose to dictate on these. When I first heard of this, I was  like “Ewwww! Cold oatmeal! That is SOO gross!! Who eats that?!!” Umm..I DO! I DO! Really, you must try these, if not just once in your lifetime. They are oh so easy and very convenient as a grab and go breakfast! You can do a search online for Overnight Oats and you will be given a host of different recipes! Go! Now! Do it!

The address again is:





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