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Day 201 and Baybee Got Back..

Wasn’t sure I’d get my workout in, but got er’ done. Spent 4 hours at gymnastics scoring for the girls elite qualifiers. Picked up this weeks CSA and some other errands. Finally home, got the workout done and will now cook some dinner! The little one should be getting home from gym shortly with the Mister. What’s on the menu you ask? Why, chicken thighs (skin removed), with lemon, Greek olives and some other key ingredients over orzo. Yum!

One more day of my deload and I’m o. To the next 4 week cycle. Love this!

Main lift today is the bench press
Warm ups: 3×5@41 lbs

Actual: 5@41, 5@45 and 5@55


Bp: 5×10@41
One arm DB row: 5×10@15
Incline DB curls:5×10@10

That’s it.. Short and sweet

I may get some pull ups in as well. 10 close grip maybe. 2×5?



Days 307 And 306!

Gosh, time is flying right by! I’m on a 2 day cycle of work right now, hence my not blogging for 2 days.

Anyway Wednesday (307)

Got outside and ran 3 miles again! Yes!

3.29 mile run

6.19 cycle

Leg Extensions- 3×12@35lbs

Supersetted With

Plie Squats- 3×15@ 25lbs

Lying Leg Lifts- 3×12 @35lbs

Supersetted With

Elevated Split Squats- 3×12 body weight only

Waking lunges- 4×20 @12lbs

Supersetted With

Farmer Walks- 4×36@12lbs (I did these last with no breaks in between)

Barbell Press- 3×12@55lbs

Supersetted With

Flys- 3×12@12lbs

DB Pullovers- 3×12 @15lbs (can go heavier I think)

Supersetted With

Push Ups- 3×10 body weight only

Thursday- Day 306

Rest Day.

Oh! I joined our local CSA. Just a small share option. I’m excited to see how it goes this Spring/Summer/Fall!!

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