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200 or bust..

Lazy day today, work this weekend and am feeling a bit melancholy.

Main lift deadlift (and last day of my deload week!)

5×75, 5×75, 5×75

Actual- 5×75, 5×95 and 5×111

Bridges with body weight 5×25

Was going to try walking lunges again, but quad still a little tender. Did not do pull ups yesterday, so will get those in before I shower. I hate the fact that women lose weight top to bottom. My legs always take so long to show improvements and I’m tired of constantly scrutinizing them! I will beat them into submission! No, I don’t want thin legs, I want nice shapely, muscular legs with NO dimpling please!! Same with my rear end.

Which I want to ask.. Pam would you want to put together a menu for me? Just one day. I am having problems getting protein in. I want a different point of view. I am going for 1800 calories. It’s okay to add whey In there. Please? Then I can take it from there.



Thursday 3/29

Scheduled for 3 miles.. Ran 3 on the treadmill, while watching The Walking Dead. Love my mini!!!

Back Squats- 3×10@65 lbs
Walking lunges- 4×20@ 25lbs
Leg extensions-4×10@25lbs

Work tonight.

297 & 296!

Does the weather get any better folks? It has been gorgeous!! Too bad I have had to work this weekend! Makes coming home and wanting to go to sleep really hard.

I think I did better this cycle with pushing myself to stay up after getting the kids off to school vs going back to bed. It was hard, but in the end, I got more accomplished and my night sleeping was much better.

Day 297 (Saturday)
Ran 4.5 miles outside, what a GORGEOUS DAY! (Tank and shorts weather for sure!)

Upright Rows- 3×12 @34lbs (upped weight)
Alternating Front Raises- 3×10 @15lbs
DB Lat Raises (singles)- 3×8@12lbs
Bent Over Lateral Raises- 3×12@6lbs (still working on form)

45Degree Ez Bar Rows- 15,12,10@ 8 reps @?? CRAP! Did not write it down- I’m thinking if I remember correctly it was like 28lbs
Bent Over DB Rows-10, 15, 15 reps @ 15lbs
One Arm DB Rows- 3×10@ 20lbs

Day 296 (Sunday)
Woke up and ran 3.0 miles Slow and easy- groggy!
Plie’ Squats- 3×15@25lbs
Leg Extensions 3×12@35lbs
Deadlifts- 3×10@58lbs
Back Squats- 3×10 @58lbs
Single Leg Squats with Body Weight- 3×10 each leg
Farmer Walk- 4×40 @ 20lbs

I don’t know I may piss some people off by saying this. I don’t know what the purpose of crossfit is. I mean I know what it is, but, what is the end purpose? I see women who do it and to me they just look *big*. Bulky big. Not feminine big. Now, this is just my opinion and MINE only..I like to look fit and toned, but I personally still want to look feminine. I don’t want to look overly muscular or overly big. I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and see how toned I am, see my muscles, BUT, I don’t want them to become too much, if that makes sense. After surfing several sights and looking at picturs of women who do Crossfit, a lot..NOT ALL, I repeat NOT ALL just look big and bulky. Is that the goal? Or is it to just become stronger?

There are so many labels on everything anymore, from how you’re eating, to how you’re exercising, to how you’re dressing etc..etc.. I don’t get all the labels. People are always on a constant quest to put a name or a label on something. To try the newest fad on the block. Is Crossfit the next fad? Also- it seems that if you do Crossfit, then you surely must do Paleo. What gives? Honestly.

I realize I may hit a nerve with people and I’m sure people will down right disagree with me. That is fine. These are my opinions. I laid in bed this morning while trying to fall asleep, wondering about the whole Crossfit thing. I don’t have a name to what I do, or what I eat..I just try to eat the best I can and workout. That’s it.

301 & 300! 65 Days Down!

Work the last two days..tired! Yesterday all I did was a 3.5 mile run. No scheduled weights. I’m just happy that I got out to run, especially after just coming off a 12 hour shift (well I slept, but still). I got to thinking last night about logging exercise or whatever, and it has never really been a thought to consider working (or being on my feet and walking for 9-10 hours a shift) exercise. I mean, is that silly? I’m surely burning calories all night long, my job is by NO stretch sedentary. I’m constantly moving about, in and out of patient rooms, rushing from one spot to the next to do my patient care. Along with that comes, moving patients, pushing beds around, lifting and turning patients..etc..etc.. So, why would I NOT think that really counts? See, I don’t want to be the person that gets completely wrapped about calories and eating, my ONLY goal is to be sure I am eating what I need and eating enough. It still is all really trial and error for me right now, although it is getting better. If I log what I do while I work, it seems that I would or I DO burn between 1200-1500 calories during the course of a shift. That’s a lot. I do pack my lunch and snacks with me, so usually every few hours I am eating something, or I at least try to. People at work probably think I’m nuts, but, I figure I need to keep that metabolism going right? Feeding the furnace?

Got home from work this morning and thought I would be able to sleep good..NO GO. God, I cannot figure out the freaking sleeping thing. I laid in bed until 4pm, and wondered if I would even get a workout in. Well, 2 cups of coffee later and my workout clothing on, I accomplished just that. I certainly was tired, but I plugged along. I felt motivated to get my legs done, normally I don’t like doing my lower body, but lately, I am enjoying doing them. Maybe it is because I am seeing some results finally?

I’m going to jump back to calories for a second (and because I have ADD, you may notice I do that jumping around alot when blogging) I was reading on another site, women talking about eating 12-1400 calories a day trying to lose weight. I don’t understand that. I mean, I do, I used to be one of those people who thought massively restricting calories was the thing to do, every day I learn something new about eating MORE instead of LESS. I think that we really slow our metabolism down by restricting our calorie intake so severely. This is a hard lesson to learn.

Before I move forward, let me say that you do need to get physically fit as well- it’s a marriage of sorts. Ok..that’s that for now.

Plie’ Squats- 3×15 @ 25lbs
SS w/
Leg Extensions- 3×12@ 35lbs (Are these really even worth doing??)

Back Squats- 3×10@58lbs (go heavy or go home? Right? RIGHT? God, I get so nervous going heavy on my legs)
SS w/
Bulgarian Split Squat- 3×10 @15lbs (I’m not so hot to trot on these, but I do them anyway)

Deadlifts- 3×10 @ 58lbs (same with these.)

Farmers Walk- 4×40 @ 20lbs

I walked for 1.75 miles (30minutes) doing some incline work on the deadmill.

I’m tired. I really am. Had a good dinner though 🙂 Rib sticking good!

Now to enjoy my wine and my hubby.


A little definition? If you squint really hard??

Waiting patiently for her momma to finish!


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