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Sometimes, I’ll admit it’s what I feel like saying when people talk to me sometimes. Like why is that? I mean, I’m a mature adult and I try to be respectful and kind to other people, but hot damn has my patience run short a lot in the last… Oh I don’t know 2 YEARS of my life!!! Sometimes, I’m not quite sure what people are thinking when they open their mouth, and sadly I think it’s because they just talk to run their traps. I’m a loner for the most part and I’m beginning to think I’m actually ok with that. I have a couple close friends who I love to talk to, and I love to see when I get the chance, but mostly I don’t do too much with hardly anyone but my family. I am totally ok with that.

I can’t allow myself to get mixed up in fake pleasantries, political townie politics and my kid is better than your kid at this sport said bull shit. It’s another season of Spring sports. Another season of big macho conceited spewing shit coming from kids and parents alike. Another season of degrading one another, cheering for one kid but not the next kid. From sitting in cliquish circles to over hearing gossip from 3 chairs down. I don’t know how to deal with another year of all the bull crap. I just want to sit and watch The sport. I want to cheer for the kids and support them. I don’t want to be the overbearing WIN WIN WIN parent, who is nothing more than a failure in their life and wants to live vicariously through their child’s. I won’t be the parent who raises their child to think it’s ok to make fun of or degrade someone else’s child. I won’t be the parent who doesn’t teach their child that being good and humble at the same time is a good character trait to have.

I want to be the parent who teaches their child the true value of sportsmanship, teamwork and friendship. The parent that teaches their kid to be the kind of person that people respect and look up to. That knows cheating is wrong and treating their teammates negatively is not acceptable. To be the kid that when everyone else walks away, they are the ones that stay and sit quietly next to you in support of you. Too many parents raise egotistical monsters with no manners and no people skills. It’s a wonder we have the problems we do in this world. Take a look and do some weeding in your own backyard. Are you putting out weeds or daisies?

Day 303! Bring On Spring!!

My husband says to me-” I did LOTS of yardwork today for my cardio!” Yay him! He truly did, probably about 2 hours spent outside raking and trying to beautify the yard for Spring. I cannot wait to get back out it into the yard. I neglected the last couple years due to work and depression of job layoffs, etc.. I seem to be one that just shuts down, rather than move on and continue forward. My poor gardens feel so neglected at this point. I’m sure they don’t even remember me. I’ll take care of that this spring/summer. I tend to FULLY enjoy myself this year. Get back into our Happy Hours (used to be our most favorite time! The hubs and I pick a drink and then sit out back, bird watch and just talk), my gardening, baseball games and running in warm weather!

No workouts today- this is my 2nd scheduled built in day off. So, I’m fine with resting today. This week I managed to get in 4 runs outside and 1 walk inside on the treadmill Monday and 5 days of weights! Another week down!

Okay, so I mentioned yesterday about caloric intake. I belong to a FB Group and this link was recently posted:

Interesting. Very easy to use. Try it. So, it suggests that I have been eating way less than I should. I’m sure if you put your stats in, it will indicate the same. In a world where the focus has always been about LOWERING calories and UPPING your activity, it is hard to wrap my brain around. I have to admit, doing this would almost take some work, as I’m sure my body as gotten used to eating on MUCH less.

My philosophy has always been, EAT. EAT when your hungry, make SENSIBLE food choices and you will never need to eliminate anything from your menus. It’s always about portion control and moderation. I don’t want that half fat, no sugar, low calorie CRAP..give me the real deal, and I will promise to not be a pig about things. Isn’t that what it is all about anyway? Being smart and eating in moderation? Why eliminate?

The other key is PHYSICAL ACTIVITY! Get off your rear ends and do something!! By combining both aspects together, you WILL become the person you want to be physically…mentally as well, if you look good you feel good. Nurture yourself, take care of yourself, be kind to yourself and FEED yourself good clean food. Your body will thank you for it.

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