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Yesterday was a rest day. Slept in a little, got errands done. Baby girl had a softball game last night. What a little monster she is out there! Who would have thought!! Good for her! Back to work tonight, but then, unless I pick up extra I’m off for 7 nights in a row! Booyah!

Today: main lift is;
Bench: warm up- 5×41, 5×51 and 3×61
Actual: 5×65, 5×75, 5+x85(10)

Chins: 7 sets of 2 with good form

5×10@51lbs -benches ( I’m doing BBB of Wendler, hence these)
EZ bar curls-3×8@35lbs

280! I’m Ready To Feel the Sun on My Face..

Bike- 6 miles
Walk- 3 miles

It’s nice having my mini to prop on the treadmill to help pass the time! Watched that new show The Bates Motel..

45degree EZ Bar Row- 3×10@ 45lbs
Bent Over DB Rows- 3×10@ 20lbs
One Arm DB Rows- 3×10@ 25lbs

Tricep Dips- 3×18 BW ( for some reason when I do these, I get to about 12 and my heart flutters, not crazy about that feeling. I do them off the weight bench, I wonder if the up and down is what does it)

Tricep Kickbacks- 1×8 @ 15lbs ; 2×10@15lbs

Preacher Curls- 3×10@45lbs
Hammers- 1×5@20, 3×5@25lbs started to fatigue, lost my form so I stopped.
Dropped the last exercise, just felt distracted and tired.

Tried on my swimsuit, or one of them. Ready for the sun and warmth!

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