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203- The Deload Week..

Main lift today is the press:

Warm up- 5×21/5×21/5×21

Keep in mind, you have to know where I was at last week, to understand the weights this week. Everyone benefits from the down week. Even if you feel the weight is so light, blah, blah, blah.. To continue to see your gains, you have to add in deloading weeks! Don’t worry, you won’t lose muscle! They will thank you for it!

Hammers-5×10@10 lbs
Tricep dips- 5×15
Close grip pull ups- 5,4,3,3

Quick and effective.



Days 222-206. I’m still here!

I have just been busy with summer sports, work and getting my yard beautified! It seems like this 2 days a week work thing is really working and jiving with me and my family. Yes! It only took almost 2 years to figure it all out, but thankfully, it’s working itself out. I am very grateful that I have a place of employment that has worked with me and a family that has been so supportive through this big transition.

We are heading into the summer gym schedule (yea!) and we are into baseball and softball season. Sierra has amazed us with her softball skilz! She is a beast out there! Who knew?? For a little thing, she is a monster! We continue to struggle with Legion Ball politics and playing time for our eldest, and we sit on the fence on whether to pull him out or not. I won’t get into that here, since I don’t want to offend anyone. As much as I’d like to and as big of an opinion that I have, it’s shocking I know, but I will refrain on this one topic!

As for me, I’m still plugging along with my weight training and just completed week 4 of Wendler, since coming back from my Oral Surgery. I love the program and have seen gains! This week is my de-load week and then I start up Cycle 2. I’m dealing with a terrible chest cold, but have managed to finish up this weeks workout. I don’t feel like putting in the last 4 weeks of workouts, so I won’t! What I have done is the main lifts for that day and then did 5×10 of the same lift at about 50%, added in a couple assistives and called it a day. I slowly started adding cardio back in and did my first speed session on Thursday. Gabriel and I did 10×100 meter sprints (with a mile warm up and mile cool down). That was tough, especially since I have not done speed in a good few months, probably more. However, it felt good to turn the legs over and see I still have my speed for the most part. I’m not concerned with the mileage at all this go round. I have found that I am much happier in that regard.

I am evolving into this person, that I actually like. I have left some old friendships by the wayside, and have made some news ones and appreciate the old ones even more! I cannot thank them enough for all they have given me in this last 1.5 years. I am more confident in who I am, loving the direction I am taking in life by becoming a Personal Trainer (yes! This makes me feel all giddy to say it!), so many people have encouraged me to do so, and even though it has always been a deep dark secret of mine, it’s finally good to say it out loud and to know that people have felt the same way as I have. I love talking about fitness and I love helping people. Once that is done, I will get my Fitness Nutrition Certification. As for Nursing? It’s still in there, but I’m not sure it gives me the same thrill as Personal Training does when I think of it.  I need to do something that will give me a feeling of accomplishment, of being able to help people, of getting my message out. I have spent far too long hiding under the radar, being afraid to speak of what I know, acting like I am less than I am when around certain people. I know this stuff! I know A LOT about Fitness. I have a lot to learn, but I have a good base. I am always  reading and learning and asking. I look at myself in the mirror and know that what I see, I have done myself. I would love to be able to help others in that same way.

I don’t look like a fitness model or a physique model, but, I don’t look half bad for doing it on my own. I also know that I have not done the whole 9 yards, and if I did, I’m sure I would look even better than I do. Right now, I am taking small steps, because I feel that taking small steps help make the most lasting impressions on your body. I want to be able to get the message out that lifting is good and it is nothing to be afraid of. I want people to know how important and fantastic exercise can be! I want to teach them how to do it right and how to learn to love it. I’ve been doing this now for over 100 days! I’ve stuck by it and have remained committed to it. It has not been easy and I have had some down days, but I keep getting up and getting back to it. I’m no goody two shoes, or do I constantly preach to burn people out, I just sit quietly in the background waiting to help if needed.

I know I said I was not going to post all of the last xx amount of days workouts, but, I will just post  yesterdays. This week is my deload week, like I said.

Day 206 (June 9th)

Main lift is the deadlift

Deadlift (warm up)5×75, 5×91 and 3×111

Actual-5×141, 3×155, and 1+x175 (I did 5) (Last week was 5+) it may be hard to understand this since you are not seeing the previous weeks workout. IF you want to know about it, just look up Wendler’s 5/3/1 and I’m doing the BBB version of it.


5 x 10 @91 lbs (which is my 50%)

Supersetted with:

Hip Thrusts (alternating single leg and normal) 5×25@30lbs

Ended with 3×10 @ 35lbs of walking lunges.

Yes, I’m still struggling with the eating. I’m getting much better though. I have learned that to build muscle you have to FEED yourself. You CANNOT gain muscle in a deficit. So the theory of cutting calories AND building muscle is not a good one. Pick one, and then go to the other. This is where bulking and cutting come into play. I will do a very  modified version of both at some junction. Which, I will share with you down the road. For now, I’m just focusing on this. I have NOT gained massive amounts of weight by cutting back my cardio either! I have pretty much maintained, with a small gain of lean muscle. I’m ok with that. I track my measurements and scale weight together. We all know the scale is NOT a good indicator of much of anything. It can help you gauge, but anything more than that, don’t go by it’s word alone. I have found that my weight can fluctuate by as much as *GASP* 8 lbs!! Yes, I said that. 8 LBS!! My body loves to hold on to water, especially now with weight training. The key is to drink more, but I have a love hate relationship with water.

I guess I have blabbed enough for now. Talk soon!




Day Numero 245- BOOM!

So, today was a big day for me (well, probably not really, but it kind of was). I finally got up the gumption to go to the gym to have someone help me figure out my 1 max rep. We have a gym up the road from me, not your typical boxed variety, but an old warehouse, converted into a gym, very old school style, just the way I like/prefer it. None of this Cybex stuff, that does the work for you. Old School, weights/dumbells, bars etc..(as a matter of fact there is a big ol’ tractor tire laying in one of the corners as well for one to roll around- RAWWRRR!)There is a treadmill and maybe one other cardio machine there, but that is it. I love it. Anyway, the guy that runs the place trains the college athletes, think football/lacrosse/basketball/girls softball/runners/wrestlers etc..etc..

I called him yesterday and told him what I wanted and in comes Kayla. On the phone when she left her message, I was not sure what to make of her, she sounded a little *tough* on the phone..we ended up deciding that I would see her after I woke up this afternoon. I have to tell you that I almost cancelled, and having the supportive guy that I do, he urged me to just go. SOOO, glad I did. As most of you know I decided to try Wendler 5/3/1 and in order to do this , I needed a starting point, which meant figuring my 1 rep max. I took a guess, based on what I thought was the heaviest I could go at home. Going to someone would ensure I could not sugar coat or fake any numbers that I got.

I walked in and felt a little self-conscious (as again, I’ve been feeling less than stellar about my body image). Kayla was waiting for me and can I just say that I was intimidated. NOW, don’t get me wrong, if I were to have a woman train me, it would be someone who looked like her. She was tall (much taller than myself) and she looked tough. Along with her credentials she was young, going for her crossfit cert, as well as the assistant basketball coach for the girls basketball team at the University. She also is the strength coach for the football team. RAAWWRRR! She looks like your typical softball/rugby player type build/person. VERY knowledgable and YOUNG, which translates into- having NEW ideas, the FRESHEST training ideas out there right now and is very thorough and careful in her training tips.  She basically asked me what my goals were, warmed me up PROPERLY and then away we went. It lasted about an hour and I felt well cared for.

My 1 rep max for the Overhead Press is: 60lbs (failed at 65)

Bench Press- 105lbs (failed at 110)


Deadlift-205lbs here comes the BOOM! Holy crap! I had NO idea I was that strong!! She corrected my form, showed me the proper way to deadlift and I could immediately feel the difference.

So I finally have a starting point. I was so happy to hear her tell me how impressed she was with how far I have come thus far on MY OWN with no assistance (trainer). How could I not smile at that? She offered to train WITH me if I wanted. How cool is that? However, I need her to TRAIN ME. I don’t need a full on trainer, but I think I might train with her on leg day, just because legs are my biggest demons/fear. I can handle my upper body with my husband spotting me at home. She even asked if I wanted her to come to my home or keep it at the gym. Anyway, that was that, and I am glad that I got up the courage to get it done.

I still have ways to go, but at least I know that I have been doing something. right. RIGHT?!

Someone on my fb page asked me how come so heavy? Says they go light weights/more reps. NO, NO , NO. I can’t say too much, since I still have this deep-rooted fear of getting huge, but I know that it’s just not possible or easy to get that way. I have had enough friends drill it into my head and have seen first hand that I am NOT getting huge and bulky. I don’t want people to assume I’m going to look like a huge Crossfit chick, because that is NOT my intention. Not even close. I just want to be more compact and muscular. A small brick house if you I cannot have it consume my life, I just want to mesh with everything else. It’s all a balance.

I came home, ate dinner and finished my workout.

Today was day 2 of  Wendler-

May1st, Day 245

Deadlift- Warm-ups

5@ 75lbs, 5 @90lbs, and 3@105lbs

Actual workout-

5@121 lbs

5@ 141lbs

5+@ 151 lbs (did 10@151 lbs)


Walking lunges- 2×20@ 35lbs, 3×10@35lbs

DB Side bends- 5×20@ 30lbs

5×20 of various crunches



Tomorrow morning we leave for the beach! I will pack my running clothing and look forward to getting in a few miles here and there on the beach/boardwalk. Let’s hope there is nice weather! Good Luck Kutztown Twirlers!!!

Hey! Have you tried Noosa brand yoghurt? OMG!! Get thee to the store and try!! Fantastic.



Monday 4/15 (Day 261)

4 mile Run

Day 260

Upright Rows- 5×5 @51lbs

Military Presses- 5×5@20lbs

Bench Press-5×5@65lbs

Hammers (because this is my most favorite exercise) 3×5@25lbs

One Arm DB Rows- 5×5@35lbs

Day 259


Day 258

Today was a leg day as well, so it was a pretty long workout. Still tinkering and figuring out good push/pull movements to give me the bang for my buck I’m looking for. Some of these are redundant, BUT, coming from years of split workouts, it’s hard for me to wrap my brain around how some exercises automatically work the smaller muscle groups. I have been learning so many new things regarding weight training my head is spinning! Still trying to find that ground with running AND weight training. Try and try until I get it right!

Deadlifts- 5×5@115lbs

Back Squats-5×5@115lbs (there are some people that think you cannot do these two on the same day- FALSE)

Plie Squats-3×10@35 lbs (I don’t NEED to do these, I just do)

Leg Extensions- 5×5@70lbs (Same with these. I don’t do them often, but every once in a while)

DB Upright Rows (a switch from the ez bar)5×5@25lbs (I find that I can go heavier with the EZ bar than the DB’s)

Bench Press- 5×5@65lbs (I did this at the very, bad move, I need to order my lifts a bit better, the way these are written down are not the order that I do them in)

Tricep Extensions- 5×5@20lbs (Same with these not a need one can easily do a close grip BB press and hit the triceps as well)

Hammers-5×5 @20lbs (again, don’t need these, just love em’)

Military presses 5×5@20lbs (I’m learning to love these as well It’s very important to watch your form on these especially as you go up in weight)

Bent Over EZ Bar Rows- 5×5@51lbs

This took about an hour. I don’t like being in there that long. What I have learned and am continuing to learn is that you really only need a few exercises (push/pull) to really hit ALL your  muscle groups. It’s taking me a while to get out of the split routine mentality. I’m a little stubborn that way. I’m also learning that lifting heavy is NOT a bad thing. It WON’T make me bulk. I need to EAT to feed the muscle. Calories in are still an issue for me, and I think they always will be. I have come from years of restricting because I have believed that you need to restrict to lose, what I did not realize was that I was damaging my metabolism in doing so. Restricting works in the immediate term, but when one wants to lose more one must restrict more. The body was NOT MEANT to live on 12-1500 calories. That is a hard concept to get through ones head in this day and age. I have found that my BMR is around 1300 calories. Can you imagine if I was only eating 1500 calories AND working out?? This is how society lives for the most part the *diet* industry has really fucked with our minds. Eat less! NO! Eat more! Fix that metabolism!

Does that mean eat more crap? NO! Does it mean you can’t eat crap once in a while?! NO! It means make generally healthy food choices and it is MORE THAN FINE to have your treats! Be active, stay active and FEED THAT DAMN BODY!!

I’m still struggling with running, I’m still dealing with fatigue and being tired, which honestly, stems from me still trying to eat the food. I’m still fighting with my sleep and I fear I have some long-term effects from working for the last year plus at night. I’m guessing it will take me awhile to find the happy medium. I still work nights, but I’m down to 2 nights. It still seems to be an issue. Whatever. Eventually I will figure it all out.

262.. This Raising teens thing is painful.

A rough last hour spent arguing/talking at our oldest about how important this phase of his educational life is. Trying to get him to understand that you just don’t show up to school to say you went, or handing In an assignment with no mind to whether its right or wrong is not acceptable. Only to be answered with “It’s my life, not yours”, leaves me feeling like I was punched in the gut. I Am not sure how to get through these next few years. It’s our responsibility to put out productive young adults into our society. I’m lost at how to get him to see, feel, and believe he is so much better than he allows himself to be. He has that potential to make people look twice at not only who he is but what he can truly do. I’m frustrated and heartbroken right now. He is wonderfully kind, empathetic and insightful. He is highly intellectual about a lot of things, but chooses to blend in to the background to the point of not being seen or heard. Often letting people get the best of him or assume he is less than he is.

He has gotten better, don’t get me wrong and I am proud of him with lots of things, but I just don’t know how to get him to see the Importance of school and grades. Help. He is very erratic. Up, down, up, down. It isn’t always a question of can he do it, sometimes it’s a matter of he just does not always care. I want to be positive and I admit that I lose my patience because I KNOW he is better than what he gives.


I ran 5 miles

Today was the first day of my new routine

Back squats- 3×10@ 70lbs
Deadlifts- 3×10@70lbs
Plié squats-3×12@ 35lbs

Military presses-5×5@15
Reverse pull ups-2×8 BW (these are new and a little hard for me)
Bench presses-5×5@65lbs
Upright rows-5×5@45lbs
Tricep kickbacks-3×12@15 lbs

I will have to play with this a bit more. Go a little heavier on some and add or take away some. Trial and error.

274-265-YES! I’m a Blogging Slacker!!

I’ve been busy, not feeling like blogging, life getting in the way, blah blah I am though! I do think everday though that I need to blog and then I’m laying in bed all comfy with my wine and NOT feeling the love. Before I know it, days and days have gone by!

April 2nd Day 274

3.0mile walk (inclined at 1%, 2% and 3%)

Hammer Curls- 5×5@ 25lbs

EZ Bar Rows- 5×5@35lbs

Preacher Curls- 5×5@55lbs

April 3rd Day 273 (The hubby worked out with me!)

5.o mile (NO he did not RUN!)

45Degree EZ bar Row-3×0@45lbs

Bent Over DB Row-1×10@20lbs, then 2×0@25lbs

One Are DB Rows-3×10@25lbs

Tricep Extensions- 3×8@15lbs

Tricep Dips-3×15@ BW

Close Grip Presses-3×8@55lbs

April 4 Day 272

5.0 mile run


Back Squats-3×10@70lbs

Plie Squats- 4×0@35lbs

Single Legged squats-x10@bw

DB Front Squat-3×10@20lbs

Donkey Squats-3×15@BW

April 5 Day 271

Nothing done on this day!

April 6 Day 270

4.0 Mile Run

No weights today again

April 7 Day 269

5.0 Mile run

Again No weights- I’m not sure what the hell was going on here? 3 Days in a row?

April 8 Day 268

No Cardio

Upright Rows- 3×10@45lbs

Front Raises-3×10@15lbs

DB Lateral Raises-5×5@15lbs

Bent Over lat raises-3×8@10lbs

Military Presses-5×5@15lbs

Hammer Curls- 3×10@20lbs

EZ bar rows-3×8@35lbs

Conc Curls with Static holds-3@15lbs (10, 8, 5)

April 9 Day 267

5.0 Mile Run

Tricep Ext 3×12@15lbs

Tricep Dips-3×20 BW (13, 15)

Overhead tricep dips- 3×5@20lbs

Push Ups- 3×15 BW (15, 15, 10)

Bench Press- 5×5 @65lbs


April 10 Day 266

No Cardio


Back Squats- 3×10@70lbs

Single Leg Squat-BW- 3×10

Walking Lunges- 4×20@25lbs

Donkeys-3×15 BW

Plie’ Squats-3×12 35lbs

April 11 Day 265

4.0 mile run

EZ Bar Row- 3×12@35lbs

Single Arm DB Rows- 3×8 @30lbs

Only had time for 2 exercises.

Will post some pictures and rambling a little later.

Days 278-275! Where Is The Time Going!?

and why am I not figuring out this eating thing. Dammit, it is making me angry. It’s not the figuring out part, it’s the actual eating part, and consistently at that. I seem to be all over with my calories on a day-to-day basis. I rarely get to where I should be. I would say maybe 3 out of 7 days I’m at or slightly above where I should be and the rest of the time I’m way under, like 5-6oo calories under. I seem to struggle the most during the day time, when I’m just not hungry and or busy to stop and eat. I find that I am having a harder time with my weight workout days in the last few sessions. Just feeling fatigued and having a hard time lifting weights, that I had no problem doing the week before. I’m getting them done, but definitely notice a difference. I have got to figure this out. I think somewhere in my brain, I still have this fear of getting heavy/bulky..EVEN THOUGH I KNOW, that is NOT the case. Ugh.

Friday- Day 278- 3/29/13

I did NOTHING. I was too tired from working/sleeping. Not a great day of sleep. Kids were home and I heard them on and off. Bleh.

Saturday- Day 277- 3/30/13

Walked 3.0 miles on the treadmill. (big freaking whoop)

Day 276-3/31/13

Walked 4.0 miles on the treadmill (again, I’m having a hard time being consistent with my running- I have faith that it will come back to me, It’s just frustrating for me right now)

Push-ups- 3×15 (body weight)

Bench Press- 5×5@65lbs


The hubs worked out alongside me today! It was very nice!! I hope he keeps it up.

Day 275-4/1/13

5.0 mile Run outside! WOOT!

Upright Rows- 3×10@35lbs

Front Raises- 3×8@15lbs

DB Lat Raises- 5×5@15lbs

Bent Over Lat Raises- 3×8@10lbs

Military Presses (standing)-5×5@15lbs

Work tonight(last night, but I’m still here until 7am)

Been having issues with a tooth. Go to the Oral Surgeon next month to have 5 pulled!! OMG! I’m freaking 40 for Pete sake! I can thank genetics for that. Thankfully, you would NEVER tell by looking at me. I have great teeth to look at, but the inside tells another story. I just want them out and get my bridges put in.

Here are some updated pictures. I’ll post them in a bit..





Thursday 3/29

Scheduled for 3 miles.. Ran 3 on the treadmill, while watching The Walking Dead. Love my mini!!!

Back Squats- 3×10@65 lbs
Walking lunges- 4×20@ 25lbs
Leg extensions-4×10@25lbs

Work tonight.

280! I’m Ready To Feel the Sun on My Face..

Bike- 6 miles
Walk- 3 miles

It’s nice having my mini to prop on the treadmill to help pass the time! Watched that new show The Bates Motel..

45degree EZ Bar Row- 3×10@ 45lbs
Bent Over DB Rows- 3×10@ 20lbs
One Arm DB Rows- 3×10@ 25lbs

Tricep Dips- 3×18 BW ( for some reason when I do these, I get to about 12 and my heart flutters, not crazy about that feeling. I do them off the weight bench, I wonder if the up and down is what does it)

Tricep Kickbacks- 1×8 @ 15lbs ; 2×10@15lbs

Preacher Curls- 3×10@45lbs
Hammers- 1×5@20, 3×5@25lbs started to fatigue, lost my form so I stopped.
Dropped the last exercise, just felt distracted and tired.

Tried on my swimsuit, or one of them. Ready for the sun and warmth!

Days 284-281!!

Friday 3/22- 284

No cardio today.
Leg Extensions- 5×5@ 55lbs
Front Squats- 5×5@ 65lbs
Plié Squats- 3×10@ 35lbs
Farmers Walk- 4×40@25lbs
Dead lifts- 3×10@65lbs
Walking Lunges- 3×20@ 20lbs

Went to dinner with my honey! Much deserved. Love getting out with him. It’s been 15 years almost, I wonder if everyone loves their spouse this much after all these years. We have had our share of crap, and probably more than any of our friends will ever know or go through, but here we are. Still together, loving, respecting, and honoring each other. We may not agree all the time and we sure can throw down, but we work it out.

Saturday 3/23- 283

5.0 mile Run

Ez Bar Curls- 3×10@ 38lbs
Hammers- 3×8@ 20lbs
Overhead Tricep Dips 3×10@ 20lbs
Tricep Kickbacks- 3×10@15 lbs

Just did a quick but effective workout for my arms.

Sunday3/24- Day 282
Trainer- 13.07 miles

Threw this in at last minute, as I worked last night and woke up very late!! Again, quick but effective! You don’t have to be working out for hours to get desired results!! Don’t believe the hype!

Monday 3/24 – Day 282
Bike 15 miles

Two days off from weights! Equals coming back stronger and ready to go heavier! Oorah!!

Tuesday 3/25- Day 281

5.26 mile run

Upright Rows- 3×10@35 lbs
Front Raises- 3×8@ -15lbs
DB Lat Raises- 5×5@ 15lbs
Bent Over Lat Raises- 3×8@ 10lbs
Standing Military Presses- 5×5@15lbs

I could go heavier on those last ones, BUT after doing the other stuff,my shoulders were hit hard at that point, I was shocked to see the definition in them, between the pump and the muscle that has been building!! Wow! I did that !

Still playing with calories, but I can tell you eating a little more definitely fuels the runs/bikes/weights. Will be slowly upping my mileage as well. Ready for the warmer weather!

I have some unrelated venting to do, I will do that blog later. Mama bear type stuff.

Teach your kids it’s never okay to be mean spirited.. Most of the time the apple does not fall far from the tree. Obnoxious kids = obnoxious parents.


Strength for the body, mind + spirit. 1 Cor 15:57

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